Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekly Chase 8.0

It was a hot week in Texas…we have skipped right from winter to summer, skipping both spring and what I like to call “summer light”.  

Everything is blooming and greening up (I can smell it in the air!)

I planted some David Austin roses last spring and they are already going bonkers!  I need to reign them back a bit!

It was a great week for working out!  While it wasn’t a high running mileage week by any means, I had some other key workouts that are helping my running for sure!

Here’s what last week looked like for me:

Monday:  Barre – I skipped out on the lunch time run because it was a really humid day.

Tuesday:  A marathon workout day! After an exhausting, but fun field trip to the Perot museum in Dallas with my son’s entire second grade class (I highly recommend the museum if you are ever in Dallas, especially with kids).  There are so many cool hands on things the kiddos can do, plus we saw a really fun and educational movie on bugs.


Louis and his girlfriend (yes, both of them admit this).

These two are so cute (secretly hoping they stick together - she is adorable AND her mom is *great*).

After an hour long nap, I rallied for a Core class, an a$$ kicking Tabata class and then did a 5 mile tempo run!

I slept *really* well that night!

Wednesday – a nice lil 6 mile run on super tired legs

Thursday – a well deserved rest day, unless crafting with my crazy fun friend DK counts!

Friday – Barre

Saturday – Barre and the “Running Moms Rock” 5k. Our team got second! More on that later this week. It was SO fun!

Sunday – More Barre. I didn’t get to the “Breaking Down the Barre” class, mostly because it was at 8am and I was exhausted from the previous day, but I got in an afternoon session & a super class!

 My dogs also got baths – that was a workout in itself!

My total mileage for the week: 14.1 miles. A far cry from the 19-23 I was planning, but better than nothing. Louis and I didn’t get to run this week as he wasn’t feeling well again, this time with a stomach virus. So we both got in a little extra rest this week.

I was hoping to be 1/3 way through my 1540 mile goal for the year, but am a little short. I know it’s because I’ve backed of the miles so much (a much needed break!). I ran the fewest number of miles in April as I have in the past year. Almost half of what I was doing earlier in the year (about 84 this month). I know this will pick up once I start ramping up for marathon training again this summer, so I am just enjoying the break for now.

This week’s goals:

Monday – Barre + 3 evening miles

Tuesday – Barre + Core + Tabata – another crazy workout day!

Wednesday – Barre + 6 miles

Thursday – Barre + 3 miles

Friday – rest

Saturday – Barre + 4-6 miles

Sunday – 4-6 miles

May starts a “barre challenge” of 20 classes in 30 days, so this week will take care of 3 of those. I can’t wait to see if I can complete the challenge!

I am also still working on the clean eating challenge with my MRTT group. I have been far from perfect, I’ll admit it, but I am working on it that is for sure. I’ve never been into deprivation; I just need to stop overdoing the sugar. Later this week, I’ll post an awesome recipe for some protein cake like brownies with all “good for you” ingredients.

What are your goals for the week?

Are you a clean eater?


  1. I'm jealous of your Texas warmth right now! We are having cold, wind, and lots of rain here all week long, yuck!
    Love the goals!! The sugar one is hard, but you can do it!! :)

    1. It was beautiful today!

      Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Warm here in Florida too! It hasn't been super bad, but today is in the 90's. Not sure how well my run is going to go!
    Good goals!! You can do it!
    I've started clean eating, it is hard and at times challenging. but I'm noticing a difference, weight wise and how I feel overall. Good luck from

    1. Lawdy! 90s?! I don't do heat and humidity well...I train most of the summer indoors so I am trying to savor each and every non humid day we get. Today was great!

      Clean eating IS hard!