Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Running Moms Rock 5k

This past Saturday was one of the funnest (this word is totally legit in my world) races I’ve ever done (I think I say that about most of them, but they just keep getting funner!).

I had no intentions of doing this one early on and my running group already had their teams filled.  Plus it was one of my only free weekends in April, with nothing planned.  

Then a spot opened up on my fellow cupcakes team!  Frunner DK bullied me into joining, but we agreed not tell anyone else, that I would be a secret/special guest!  I am horrible at keeping secrets and I almost slipped a couple of times, but no one except Alicia figured it out until the day of the run.  What a fun surprise! 

The Thursday before the race DK and I, being our crafty selves, created our adorable costumes for the race.  

We represented #teamcupcake quite appropriately, don’t you think?

We all arrived at the race a little early, so we could get some pictures with one of our sponsors, The Flour Shop, an adorable little bakery in Highland Village, where the race was held.  

There were so many fun team costumes…

Toy Story - This team won the costume contest - Adorable!


 The Minions

 Another MRTT group! Mary Jo and her mini cakes.  They were *so* adorable!  
I LOVE Mary Jo's apron!

Moms Run This Town - All The Cupcakes!

The awesome thing about this race was that it benefited the Child Advocacy Center of Denton County.

There were also lots of fun vendors and we loaded up on the loot (and candy)!

Camp Gladiator was there and were doing a push up contest. 

I figured I may as well try!

Little did I know I could rock out 55 push-ups in 60 seconds (thanks Pure Barre!).

Good enough for the top spot for a little while, but I was knocked into second (by someone with not as good of form), but it was just for fun!

I won a heavily discounted month of Camp Gladiator!

Pretty soon it was time to race!

Let me start out by saying this was only my second 5k ever.  

I did a 5k when I first started running, and to me it seemed more like a marathon than a 5k.  That was almost 5 years ago!

I don’t race, I pace.  I have one speed and that is consistent.  A speed that will get me to the finish of 26.2 without dying.  One of the things I really want to work on is improving my short distance times.  I’m pretty sure it can only help my long distance running too.

The race was pretty non eventful.  It was really hot (86 degrees) and incredibly humid.  At one point I told frunner Alicia that I thought my heart was going to explode!  Thank goodness I carried my own water – even though there were two water spots (awesome and unusual for a 5k).  The route was surprisingly hilly (not advertised), but had some nice spots through some wooded areas.  I didn’t take any race pictures as I was trying to get to the finish as fast as I could.  There were lots of encouragers along the way – especially for a 5k as the run went through several residential areas – people were out on their lawns.

My splits broke down like this:

Mile 1 – 9:16
Mile 2 – 10:05
Mile 3 – 10:12
Last .1 – 9:53 pace
Total – 30:06
Not my best 5k – my first 5k was <30 minutes, but pretty good for a hot day!

#teamcupcake rocked it out for a cumulative 3rd place win in the team competition!  Missing second place by only 25 seconds.  

We’re not only cute lil cupcakes, we are speedy too! 

After the race, the party continued.  There were lots of restaurants in the surrounding area and a band that played until 8pm.  There were raffles, lots of prizes and lots for kids to do (face painting, bounce houses etc).  I would recommend this race to anyone who wants to run and have a fun time doing so! Plus it benefits such an important cause – winning for everyone!


  1. What a FUN looking race!! Love the cupcake costumes (KISS was really cool too!)! 86 degrees is pretty gross to run in... great job on your time, considering the humidity! I hope you enjoyed a cupcake afterwards...mmmm...cupcakes!

    1. Thanks! I sure did! Chocolate with chocolate frosting. It was delish, but not quite as good as my friend Nicole's cupcakes. I loved the KISS group too!

  2. Those are great costumes! I love MRTT! We always try to do fun costumes as well. MRTT LOVE!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a Mother Runnner

    1. I love it too! It has really transformed my running life!

  3. How fun! Cupcakes + MRTT = awesomeness!

    1. Absolutely! Running doesn't get any better than that!