Thursday, August 8, 2013


Marathon training has been going great!  I love having a coach! Getting my training plan each week is something I have started to really look forward to.  I *love* seeing how I can challenge myself next.  I am on a recovery week, with only one minor speed session, but because I flip flopped it with a run last weekend, I’ve got 18 miles staring me down this weekend.  Yikes! Just 10 weeks left to rock my training plan.

I’ve been religious with Tabata training, only taking two weeks off due to being out of town.  It has become my staple workout for the week.   What is tabata training?  It is a series of intense work (20 seconds) followed by a short rest (10 seconds), rinse and repeat 8 times per set.  Basically it’s High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  It torches fat, builds endurance and overall strength.  I have never taken a group fitness class that has benefited my endurance and strength more than this one.  My core is stronger than ever!  This may or may not be evidenced by the fact that I can plank for 6+ minutes (I even had a small crowd of witnesses for that one).  My lower back does not ache any longer during really long runs and I’ve gained the confidence to workout at the gym in a sports bra (ok….on Sunday’s only when few people have to see that).  Tabata is the *BoMb*!!  

 **disclaimer:  my abs DO NOT look like this....I just wish they did!

I've been participating in a "Robertofit" challenge, hosted by a friend of mine from Lifetime Fitness.  The challenge started as 50 sit ups, 50 push ups, 50 squats - increase by 5 each day.  Plank to increase by 15 seconds each day, resulting in the 6+ minute plank.  I've been doing a "plank a day" for over a month, so it seemed like a good challenge to boost my fitness and plankworthiness even more!  It worked! Roberto also offers Insanity/P90 workouts during the week....that is on my list to try next! It seems like he has a really fun, positive group. 

That's a BOSS!

I also signed up for the “Esprit De She” this fall. Several of my friends from Moms Run This Town talked me into it!  It will be a 2 mile run, 9 mile bike ride, 2 mile run.  A week after the Nike Women’s Marathon.  Smart, right?  In order to prepare, I decided it was high time to start getting in some bike riding.  My bike Pink and I went out for a 10 mile spin last week and I plan to try and incorporate the same distance at least once a week.  I am not speedy by any means, but Pink is not exactly a racing bike (although she is great for carrying drinks and snacks!). favorite birthday present *ever*!!

My race calendar has blossomed since early summer and now looks like this:

October 12 - Showdown Half Marathon, Allen, TX
October 20 – Nike Women’s Half Marathon, San Francisco, CA
October 26 – Esprit De She, McKinney, TX
November 3 – Rocky Raccoon 50k, Huntsville, TC
November 9 – McKinney Mini Marathon (though there is nothing “mini” about it, it’s a half) McKinney, TX
December 31 – New Year’s Eve Full, Allen, TX
January 18, 2014, Houston Marathon, Houston, TX

Some of these races are only 6 days apart, what was I thinking?

I’m thinking I will really be able to test myself and see what I’m capable of!
I’m thinking I am going to have a blast with some of my new running friends at local events!
I'm thinking that with the power of a running buddy, we will crush the sub two half (finally!)!
I’m thinking I am going to have a whole lot of race shirts!
I’m thinking I am going to meet my 4 corner marathon self challenge (only the west coast was missing from North, South, East, West)
I’m thinking I am going to get A LOT of massages!!

What races are you doing this fall?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I've Been Everywhere - Part North

Less than 48 hours after we deplaned in Dallas, I was back on board for my annual summer trip to Minnesota to spend time with Louis and see some great friends, some of whom I had not seen in 9 years (aka too long).
After spending a few days with Louis and my parents, I was off to a lake cabin for the weekend.  The time flew by way, way, way to fast.  The Rogue Pirate Nurses (it's a L O N G) story, picked up right where we left off, not skipping a beat.  We shared laughs until we cried, till our bellies hurt, celebrated my dear friend Em's eternal 29th birthday, antiqued in tiaras, emptied a few bottles of adult beverages and made toxic crafts by moon light.  I have to tell you.  Everyone needs friends like these!  These are the three of the strongest, smartest and funniest women I know!  I hope I can make the meeting next year!

 Rouge Pirate Nurses Unite
 Taming the's a weasle, that was adopted by Lisa, who is now lovingly named (by me, at least) after the new King George Alexander Louis, Georgie for short ;)
Lynette is helping Em prepare for a special day!

 These ladies constantly crack me up!
 Celebrating with the "more is more" birthday cake, which was delicious!
 Toxic crafts by moonlight.
There were laughs, there were happy tears, there may or may not have been glowing internal organs.
 The view from Lynette's beautiful lake home!

After that it was back to my hometown and more fun with Louis.  We splashed around at the pool, took some swings around town in the golf cart (yes, you can travel by golf cart in that small of a town), and played at the park.
 Playing with friends!

 Louis and Kennedy have been friends since they were small babies.
Kennedy's mom and I have been friends since we were kids. 
Our moms have been friends for a long time too!
We have so much fun together!
Getting to play together and see this family is always a highlight of the trip.
I secretly hope Louis marries Kennedy someday. :)

 GiGi getting in on the spinning actions.
 Love this girl!
Love this boy!

We even had a few days to spare upon our return to Dallas!  After missing that kiddo for three weeks, we sure made up for it and then some!  I will be sad when summer vacation is over. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I've Been Everywhere! Part South

**Warning....contains a lot of photos that will make you want to go on vacation.

Ok....maybe not everywhere...but, as I was writing this that song popped in my head!

I *have* spanned most of North America in the last two weeks!  Enjoying a full 2.5 weeks off from work, we decided four days prior to a departure that a beach vacation was called for.  Ryan had been working way too many hours and Louis was spending a week with his PaPa and GiGi in Minnesota, like he has done every summer since he was 3, so it seemed like perfect timing! After the 4th of July festivities/craziness/fun had passed, things went into FULL gear!  My parents visited us, one of my favorite cousins EVER came up from San Antonio with her man Joe and I hosted a bridal shower for my sister, Jill.

 My gorgeous cousin Sarah, my sister and I.
 Jill & I with our mom
 We could be sisters, right?

Onto the vacation!  Some of my favorite parts (there were A LOT of them)!!

So, for 6 fabulous days, we lounged on the beach, swam with the turtles, got drenched in Tulum and had the most fantastic vacation I think I have ever been on.  I ever felt *rested* when I came back!

 Tulum Ruins
 The gorgeous beach at Tulum
 I can't imagine how beautiful this is on a sunny day!
 So it POURED that day.

 It seemed like a good idea to climb up some ruins in a restricted area....shhhhhh!

 Swimming in the "cenotes" - hidden lakes/rivers.
 The water here is the clearest (and coldest!) I have ever seen.  Like glass!
 On to Acumal!  It *really* looks like this.  It is so beautiful!
 Getting ready for the main event....
 the turtles!
 We spent about an hour just floating around with these amazing creatures.  Some of the turtles were estimated to be over 100 years old.  I think we saw about 8 of them.  You are not allowed to touch them, you just float and enjoy watching them.  They migrate to the warm water and beaches from May to September to lay their eggs.  This was no doubt, one of the highlights of the trip.
 Then we spotted two of these!
 The turtles would pop up for air here and there....often close by. 
 We spent a lot of time at this swim up bar (one of 17!)
 I *heart* the beach!

We drank a lot of these....guess which one is mine?  Hint:  it's NOT the martini

 Can you see all of the fish that would flock to the dock for a snack?  There were hundreds of them!
King of the World!

The weather in the Rivera Maya was a little rainy and cloudy a couple of days, but that did not cramp our style....we roll with it!  We met a few really fun couples, but still had a lot of quality time to ourselves. We have decided that next year, we are staying no less than 10 days.  Even though we have both been to Mexico before, we found so many fantastic adventures we wanted to do next time.  Six days was definitely not enough!

Where is your favorite vacation spot?