Thursday, August 1, 2013

I've Been Everywhere! Part South

**Warning....contains a lot of photos that will make you want to go on vacation.

Ok....maybe not everywhere...but, as I was writing this that song popped in my head!

I *have* spanned most of North America in the last two weeks!  Enjoying a full 2.5 weeks off from work, we decided four days prior to a departure that a beach vacation was called for.  Ryan had been working way too many hours and Louis was spending a week with his PaPa and GiGi in Minnesota, like he has done every summer since he was 3, so it seemed like perfect timing! After the 4th of July festivities/craziness/fun had passed, things went into FULL gear!  My parents visited us, one of my favorite cousins EVER came up from San Antonio with her man Joe and I hosted a bridal shower for my sister, Jill.

 My gorgeous cousin Sarah, my sister and I.
 Jill & I with our mom
 We could be sisters, right?

Onto the vacation!  Some of my favorite parts (there were A LOT of them)!!

So, for 6 fabulous days, we lounged on the beach, swam with the turtles, got drenched in Tulum and had the most fantastic vacation I think I have ever been on.  I ever felt *rested* when I came back!

 Tulum Ruins
 The gorgeous beach at Tulum
 I can't imagine how beautiful this is on a sunny day!
 So it POURED that day.

 It seemed like a good idea to climb up some ruins in a restricted area....shhhhhh!

 Swimming in the "cenotes" - hidden lakes/rivers.
 The water here is the clearest (and coldest!) I have ever seen.  Like glass!
 On to Acumal!  It *really* looks like this.  It is so beautiful!
 Getting ready for the main event....
 the turtles!
 We spent about an hour just floating around with these amazing creatures.  Some of the turtles were estimated to be over 100 years old.  I think we saw about 8 of them.  You are not allowed to touch them, you just float and enjoy watching them.  They migrate to the warm water and beaches from May to September to lay their eggs.  This was no doubt, one of the highlights of the trip.
 Then we spotted two of these!
 The turtles would pop up for air here and there....often close by. 
 We spent a lot of time at this swim up bar (one of 17!)
 I *heart* the beach!

We drank a lot of these....guess which one is mine?  Hint:  it's NOT the martini

 Can you see all of the fish that would flock to the dock for a snack?  There were hundreds of them!
King of the World!

The weather in the Rivera Maya was a little rainy and cloudy a couple of days, but that did not cramp our style....we roll with it!  We met a few really fun couples, but still had a lot of quality time to ourselves. We have decided that next year, we are staying no less than 10 days.  Even though we have both been to Mexico before, we found so many fantastic adventures we wanted to do next time.  Six days was definitely not enough!

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

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