Monday, July 29, 2013

Fourth of July & a DNS

I know, it's been nearly a month ago, but I need to do some catching up!

The Fourth of July was interesting, that's for sure!

It all kind of started on Fourth of July eve....

My parents came down from Minnesota for a visit and so my mom could attend the bridal shower I was throwing for my sister that weekend.

Louis came back after this three week "stint" with his dad.

Louis and I were scheduled for races in the am, he a 1k and me a 5k. 

I was exhausted and with Louis camping out on our bedroom floor, I made a leap into bed.

That leap turned into crack, and that crack was my right little toe.  Broken.  The night before a race.

I have never, ever had a Did Not Start, but I would now.  The swelling prevented any chance of getting into a shoe and the throbbing prevented me from even walking correctly.  I was so mad at myself!  Of course I looked up the race results later only to find out I could have placed in my age group (for the first time ever!).  UGH! There's always next year, right?

BUT....Louis, on the other hand?  *NAILED* it!!  He ran his little heart out.  His first race without his mama.  I stood at the finish line waiting to take a picture and thought he'd be around mid-pack.  Nope!  More like first ten finisher!  My heart swelled bigger than my toe!

 Louis ran his little heart out!

 More hardware for Sweet Lou (who appears very tired)!

After the race, it was time to go home and get ready for festivities there.

Great friends, delicious food and the traditional 4th of July fire in the fireplace (outside) made the day!

We ended the day as any good 4th of July celebration should end....with sparklers are fireworks!

 I think Mara liked the sparklers more than Louis did (ok....I might have too)!

Waiting for the big show in Frisco!

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  1. Way to go Louis! :) Don't feel too bad about the toe, at least you didn't injure it on one of the big runs! You and Ryan look happy!