Thursday, April 17, 2014

Friday Five

Reese's PB Mini Eggs
Seriously.  I could eat a whole bag of these in a week.
Don't judge.
These are truly the work of the devil himself.

A few details from the baby shower I co-hosted last weekend.
Everything Mara got for Baby Butler was so adorable!
So adorable it made my uterus cry.
Girly.  Pink. Even sparkle tennis shoes. 
I promise there will be more pictures.

 Debbie & I made this!

Baby Butler Beans

My sweet friend Luisa got into the Chicago Marathon!
I am *so* excited for her and her husband (who also got in).
This was one of my favorite races ever (they are all my favorite in some way).
I know she will crush it & it wouldn't surprise me if she qualified for Boston on this fast and flat course.

Lifetime Fitness (the gym I go to) hosted a run for Boston this past Tuesday.
It was really fun!
A few of my MRTT friends were able to come & we all met some new friends.
This is a group that a few years ago had about 4 members.
There were over 125 people at the run on Tuesday.
Well done, Lifetime Run leads, well done.

Even though this happened last week, it is worth noting.
Our Moms Run This Town group celebrated our 1st birthday last Thursday.
We went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate and had a blast (as always!)!
We felt a little bad for the rest of the people in the restaurant who had to put up with us.
One of those nights where you go home and your belly and cheeks hurt from laughing so much.

So, my friend DK is an ambassador for Mott's Applesauce. 
Mott's sent her a *very* large box of these pink shirts from White House Black Market.
Mott's loves moms and apparently fashion!

*LoVe* these ladies!!

Happy Weekend!

Happy Easter!!

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  1. awww! so many awesome things in this post...i think my fav is the baby melon though...ADORBS!