Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekly Chase 6.0

Last week was *so* busy it was a blur!

Between life, school, running & baby shower planning it was full speed the entire week.

Here's how last week went down....

Monday - Barre - yes!
Tuesday - Barre @ Lifetime + 4-6 miles - check! 6.2 mile run (one of my best runs in a long time)
Wednesday - 6-8 miles - 6 miles
Thursday - Barre for breakfast - check - 1 mile with Louis
Friday - Barre - check
Saturday - more Barre + El Chupacabra 10k - I missed barre (gasp!) but overdid the 10k a bit (look for that post later this week!)

Sunday - Barre & *relax* - it was more like Barre and write a paper

Weekly total 20.5

Other goals:

The baby shower was a smashing success (I hope to have some photos soon)

My buffet/home for my grandma's beautiful dishes is fully painted.  It just needs distressing and a coat of poly (pics coming soon).

I'm looking forward to slowing down the pace (no pun intended) this week

Fitness goals this week:

Monday - Barre
Tuesday - Trying out the group run at Lifetime Fitness.  I ran with them years ago and became kind of disenchanted, mostly because I have my own awesome running group (which have been invited).  Lifetime Run has new leadership and they are making it look pretty great. 3-4 miles & maybe a couple more on my own.

Wednesday - Barre & 6 miles
Thursday - Barre & 6 miles
Friday - Barre

Saturday - I might do a 5k?  Still undecided.
Sunday - rest day

My son Louis has set an awesome goal of running a mile a day with me on the days he is home.

He loves running under the stars (just like his mama)!  This makes for another potential 5 miles.

Weekly Total: 18-26 miles

All the other stuff going on....

My sister cousin is getting married to her Prince Charming this weekend in New Braunfels, TX.  So excited!

we go *way* back!

Easter dinner & egg hunt with the Butler family.

What are your Easter plans?

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