Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekly Chase 7.0

I hope y'all had a happy Easter!

We really lucked out on a gorgeous Texas spring day, with the light rain holding off til after dinner.


Louis was a lucky winner winner chicken dinner, finding a whopping $26.40 in his Easter eggs!  He found not one, but *two* golden eggs yesterday, hitting the jackpot (I don't ever remember getting money in my eggs, do you?! Oh, how times have changed!).  After the weekend he had, I was happy he had a great day today!  Even feeling good enough to rock out 1.5 miles with me this evening.  In the rain (it felt pretty darn good).  I told him now he is a "real" runner as he has weathered both the cold and the rain in one week. I'm feeling the need to brag on him because tonight he ran the farthest he has ran since we started our routine (even though he has done a couple of 5ks) AND in the best time!  He must have had all of that energy pent up from the last few days we missed.

We spent the morning and afternoon, with a lovely and delicious dinner with the Butler family.

*beautiful Butler ladies*

Everything was so good and we all ate way too much.

It was so fun to have this family all together again.

One of those days I was wishing my parents had been here to join us...

Louis decided he was up to dying some Easter eggs last night at 9:30pm.

I decided to follow the "baking" eggs trend. works really well, unless you forget the eggs are in the oven and overbake them by about 30 minutes.  Then they just stink.  Albumin was seeping through the shell and turned them kind of a spotted brown.  Louis thought this was cool.  I just thought it was kind of weird.

Nothing a little dye and glitter couldn't solve.

This guy thought he needed in on the action too (he doesn't miss out on ANYTHING).  He is that *great* kind of dog.

The rest of the week went down kind of like this....

Monday - Barre
Tuesday - Lifetime Run - Run for Boston 2.92 miles, 1.5 miles prior, then 1.08 miles with Louis once we got home (yes the missing .08 bugged the hell out of me!)

This event had 126 runners!  A record for this group AND a drastic and welcome change from my previous experience with this group (a few years ago).  When I first joined it'd be a good night when 6 people showed up! I met a lot of new friends and even scored a free t shirt!

The only thing I didn't *love* was that it was only 3 miles.  My mileage that night was a bit broken, but I managed to get 5.5 miles in, BUT running with my frunners made it *so* fun!  Great conversation and lots of laughs always trump mileage.

Wednesday - Barre & a great 6.7 mile run outside.  My first jaunt back on my favorite route.  I killed the hills (totally attributing this to all of my barre practice.

Thursday - 5 miles at the gym + barre

Friday - 2 miles on my own

Saturday - I had *wanted* to go to Pure Barre that morning, but chose sleep instead.  The only PB'ing I did that day was PB m&m's and PB eggs.

My beautiful sister cousin got married to her Prince Charming on Saturday....

I was sad I couldn't go, but I was there in heart.

Sunday - Solo Easter 5k.  Louis went with me for half & I finished the rest out myself in the rain, killing the last half...the first negative split of any kind I've had in awhile.

Total Milage: 22.3

This week in workouts....

Monday - Barre & maybe a short run at lunch (3 miles?)
Tuesday - Barre for lunch & Tabata - after a short break up with tabata, I felt it was time to go back.  I loved how strong I felt when I was doing this regularly.
Wednesday - 6-8 miles at the gym, 1 mile with Louis
Thursday - Barre & 3.1 miles with the kiddos to make up their "bunny hop" race from a few weeks ago
Friday - Barre
Saturday - Barre & 6-8 miles
Sunday - Breaking Down the Barre - a class to deepen practice and understand the foundations of the class - can't wait!

Total Miles:  19 - 23

I have some other interesting goals I'll write more about this week.

My grad school class is on the downhill slide (thank the baby Jesus) & my current furniture piece is almost ready to go!  I spent most of last evening distressing it and it is looking great compared to the condition I found it in.

That's my story!  What's yours?

How was your Easter holiday?


  1. Sounds like a great Easter! and a great upcoming week. What's Tabata?

  2. I did! I hope you did too!

    Tabata is kind of like HIIT training, except that you work *really* hard for 20 seconds and then you rest 10 seconds for 8 sets. We typically cycle through 3 sets of cardio, strength and core. It sounds easy to start, but by the time you complete the set you want to throw up!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Paula! I hope you had a beautiful Easter as well.

  4. Happy belated Easter! Looks like you have a really sweet time! Love Louis's big smile with the golden egg! Reminds me of when my nephew was still little.

  5. Oh yes tabata...and there is like music that goes with it....yes our Camp Gladiator trainer had us do those once. I wanted to die.
    I love the variety in your workouts

    1. You got it! I did feel like I wanted to die at times...although I did notice I was more easily able to do the strength and core work (thanks pure barre!).

  6. Sounds like a great Easter! We went to church on Easter then spent the afternoon walking around the zoo. Our daughter LOVED the zoo, she's 3 months so everything is new and exciting!

    1. How fun! She is so adorable & at a super fun age (although I think they have all been *fun* in some way.