Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fairview Half Marathon

Last Saturday was race #4 or 14 for me this year - the Fairview Half Marathon.

Fairview is a gorgeous smaller town, that has a very country feel.  It's kind of one of those places where you can have the best of both worlds....Target and quiet, serene surroundings.

I *love* the Active Joe races!  They are *always* well run with fabulous bling.  Lots of attention is paid to the race experience.  The races are purposely on the smaller side, which makes for no crowding, but still a fun race environment.

Packet Pickup

I couldn't even do a whole post on this because it was that quick!  I picked up my packet, and one for my son on Friday afternoon, with no line.  No waiting.  I was out of there in less than 5 minutes.

Race Day

Our day started EARLY.

5:45am early.  Louis even asked if we could take a nap later!

The start was a short drive from my house and we had zero problems scoring a great parking spot.

Met up with some of my favorite frunners for a picture.

Louis ran the 100 yard kids dash.  I tried to get a picture again, but it was a solid blur.  Those kids were flying!

So this race is awesome in that it offers free childcare during the 5k and half.  Not only is it free, Louis always says he had a fun time.  A win-win for everyone.

I drove him over there.  Got back.  Parked.  Soon we were off!

The race itself, wound through the countryside; past horses playing and alpacas giving us the big eye!

This race is notoriously hilly, but after running in San Francisco this past fall, my opinion of hills are a bit skewed.  I walked up a few of the bigger ones, but ran most of them.  What comes up, must come down!

There were beautiful houses along the way & people here and there out to support.

Aid stations were about 1.5-2 miles apart.  Perfect.  Some even had gummy bears (yum!) - what I now believe to be the perfect fuel.

As for my "race" - I ran this one easy.  It is the last half I'll do for awhile, likely until fall, so I just wanted to do it for fun.  I felt great the entire way!  In fact, I don't feel as though I've ever finished a half feeling so strong in the last couple of miles than I did that day.  The first six miles were a little trying.  I couldn't seem to find my groove, but finally hit it around the 10k point (thank goodness!).  I think I ran nearly the entire rest of the way after that point, only walking for the aid stations.  I stayed around a 10:00-10:15 pace, which is very comfortable for me.  I finished strong and collected my bling.

 (can't get this one to sit right!)

Post race, I met up with my frunners to celebrate our finish!

 Luisa, Mary Jo & Me

Cutest frunner couple ever! Mary Jo & Rodney

Mary Jo's husband, Rodney, told me that he got her into running and triathlons.  

Mary Jo is *fast*.  

You know, she just got into running and then qualified and ran the Boston Marathon fast.  We all want to be like Mary Jo and wish we could channel some of her ju ju when we run!

Of course, I needed a picture with the infamous hamburgler and his hamburger bag tutu!  He is a crowd favorite, no doubt!

Post-race there were snow cones (which I really wanted, but it was kind of chilly out for), chocolate milk and a ton of other snacks...bagels, power bars, bananas, etc.

Overall, I loved this race series.  It really rewards past runners with early registration (including the lowest price point), extra bling (I'll get my two race medal in October) and a really positive energy about the race.

One last thing....

Proof that this race is the best....

This woman was the last to finish the race, a bit after the time the course officially closed.  The timing mat had been taken up already, so the volunteers and a few who were remaining at the end provided this amazing finish for this 6 month pregnant half marathon finisher, creating a "victory arch to run through at the previously marked finish line".

Awesome, right?!


  1. Congrats on your awesome finish!! I really hope my time is that good by the time I run my first half this fall. :) Way to go for Louis too! Someone's gonna be a great long distance runner someday. :) Fun pics!

    1. Thanks! It was a fun one!

      I know you'll do great!

      Louis can't wait to run some of the bigger races...he likes the medals. He asked if we could start running a mile each night!

  2. Sounds like a great day, all around!

  3. What an awesome race! And I love the tunnel for the last runner. The series that I am running right now doesn't give an award to the winner. Instead, it gives an award to the person who finishes last. It's awesome!