Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Five

My sister friend Seallie lost her sweet little pup Macy to lymphoma this past week. 

She was just the best.  She fought a hard fight and stayed strong longer than most dogs do with that kind of diagnosis.

 (Macy on the left - I should have snuck her home that night)

The loss of our own dog Kirby, still seems fresh in my memory.  It was sudden, tragic and seems just like yesterday when it was a year ago.  He was the epitome of a *bad* dog, yet we loved him so.  It was his "thing".

 Kirby after his 14 day solo tour of N. Texas (he was lost one *very* hot July & found us again!)

I more sadness here.

So I got to thinking about how much joy my pets give me and others.

I am a certified dog lover, sometimes hoarder (I had three at one time, which I know isn't a lot to some people I know, but it was a lot to me).  I have a big heart for rescued pets (all of mine are!). 

I work at home alone, so my two pooches and my kitty (who remains elusive most days) are my co-workers, my exercise pals (they demand a walk each evening) and my best friends. 

To some people a dog is just a dog, but my dogs are my kids.

But, let's cut to the are 5 of my favorite dog/cat videos.

Watch me - they are awesomesauce and I'll *know* you will laugh.  Even if you have seen them before they are *definitely* worth watching again!

1. Dog Wants Bacon


2. Sad Dog Diary

2.5.  I had to get the cat's side of this in too.

3. Kitty Patty Cake (this is one of my son's FAVORITES - I think we have watched this 100 times. This is not an exaggeration.

4. This is just freaking hilarious.  That is all.

5.  Heartwarming & says it all.


Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thank you so much for honoring Macy. I sure do miss her a lot, but I'm thankful that I got as much time with her as I did. I'm also thankful that I got to rescue her (and she me) and show her true love the last four years of her life. :0)