Tuesday, April 8, 2014

E - Energy

We all have it.  We all want more (or at least I do).  We all want to know where to get it!
I know I catch myself telling myself or others that I’m tired frequently throughout the day, even when I get enough rest at night. 
I could be a professional napper.

5 hour energy, coffee, red bull & monster are just a few of the methods people use to fuel themselves through their day.  While research has shown that a cup of coffee a day can actually speed up your metabolism, make you more alert and protect against things like type 2 diabetes and some cancers, coffee is not coffee when it is loaded with artery hardening syrup and whipped cream (aka Starbucks).  Most of Starbucks's grande drinks (not even the biggest serving size) range from 200-400 calories.  
Here are some great ways to boost energy:

Eat breakfast! Not only does this fuel metabolism, it helps prevent overeating later on in the day.  Stay away from sugary, carb loaded cereals and aim for high protein….Greek Yogurt, Egg Whites and yes, what we all love the most….bacon are all great ways to start the day. 

Don’t hit snooze.  That ten minutes of extra “sleep” you think you’re getting, isn't actually good sleep.  More often than not, when it is time to get up, you will be more tired than if you got up when the alarm went off.  If you want ten minutes of extra sleep, set your alarm for ten minutes later. 
Get moving…I should really practice what I preach here, huh?  I’m just passing along that morning exercisers who participate in a low-intensity aerobic workout (nothing crazy here….think a brisk walk) were found to have a 20% increase in energy levels.  I do a lot of work at night.  Because I have Home work with Louis, homework for myself, blogging, etc,  I find that exercising during that late afternoon lull, where we are all wishing we could go to bed, helps me power through the rest of the day.  To each their own!

Go outside! Sunshine helps boost vitamin d levels, which we all seem to be lacking these days.  Research has shown it plays a role in sustaining energy as well. 

Stretch.  We’re not talking doing crazy yoga moves here.  Stretch your arms above your head.  Try to touch your toes.  Do a spine twist.  This improves circulation and can improve energy.

Snack attack.  Another one I am guilty of.  I love a good cookie as a snack, but then pay for it an hour later when I’d like to take an afternoon siesta.  Try to snack on things that have a fair amt of protein as well as fiber to keep you full.  High fiber cereal, nuts, fresh coconut (it is WAY better than shredded cocounut) or dark chocolate chips (this is my go to….it is “good for you after all, right?!).

No alcohol within two hours of bed.  Yes, I’ve heard the argument that it helps you sleep.  I’ve even had a glass or two of wine before bed for the sleepiness side effect, but really, it causes restless sleep, equaling less energy and focus the next day.  If you must, have your glass of wine or beer when you get home from work or at dinner. 
The time between 4 and 6pm is the time for your high intensity exercise; far enough away from bed time, yet early enough in the evening to help you power through the rest of your day.
As for me…I’m off to bed, so I’m not tired tomorrow!!

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  1. I love naps too!! I actually quit drinking coffee about 1.5 years ago, and my energy went up (except when I had an office job this winter...energy depleted. WHOA). Love the facts! Keep up the fun posts. :)