Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B - BRF's and Barre

 About a year ago my life was forever changed.  In a fantastic way!

I found out about a local running group called Moms Run ThisTown (sorry (not really) I talk about them all of the time, but they are *that* awesome).  I became a member of my local group, which was kind of floundering at the time….not a lot of engaged members, not enough interest, etc.  So when the current leader put out the call that she wanted someone else to take over, I jumped on it (luckily with a co-lead, so I wasn’t in it alone).  The growing was slow.  I outreached for some assistance from other local leaders & little did I know what the result would be.

Long story short….my group merged with another (thanks to one best running friend (BRF) Alicia).  I now have dozens of frunners, a solid group of true BRF’s and am having the most fun as a runner ever – really reveling in the joy of running, rather than the task (especially when and where there are cupcakes involved).  This group of women pushes each other to new (attainable) goals, while never getting pretentious, competitive or catty, which can happen when you have newer runners mixed in with more experienced runners, especially with women!  I would have never run a trail until I met these ladies (learning that "doable" and "easy" are not the same - yes, you, DK!).  I would have never signed up for back to back marathons (thanks Kim!!).  I feel like I owe it all to MRTT!  We are 500+ members strong and growing.  Ladies….if you have a MRTT local group, please considering joining.  Like I tell new members….show up to a group event – I guarantee you will walk away with several new friends.  Besides that, it’s free! There are no dues, no requirements (except that you have to be a girl), no crazy obligations.  It’s really the best! 

B is also for Barre.  I’ve written so much about it in the past couple of weeks since I started going very obsessively  religiously, but I LOVE it.  It hasn’t grown old.  I’m noticing a TON of changes in my strength and flexibility (tonight I NAILED my splits!).  I can’t wait to see what two more weeks of intensive practice bring! 

I am so glad I have a friend to go with now too!  Elaine, another MRTT member, whom I probably would have never met otherwise, regularly meet at the “barre” for workouts and chit chat.  She’s the one that talked me into going to the class at the gym in the first place.  She’s also a RN and we have a TON in common!  So Elaine…  I’m blaming you!

 Just kidding.  

“C” you tomorrow!!

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