Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekly Chase #4

It's April! What happened?! Wasn't it just Christmas?

It was a productive week and I have a couple super busy weeks coming up.  A baby shower, a half marathon, a fun run for the kiddos, grad school, then a wedding, Easter, more races.  Yikes!

So here's how last week's goals went down....
Monday - Barre - check!
Tuesday - Barre Fusion & 3 miles - done +.1 miles (ever little bit counts, right?)
Wednesday - 4 miles and strength train - change of plans...6.2 miles + abs & leg work
Thursday - rest - I went to Barre over my lunch (do you see a pattern forming?)
Friday - Barre - done
Saturday - group run with MRTT (6ish?) and strength - I did 6.2 on my own, including a mile of hill work + Barre
Sunday - Barre (I am still really loving this Barre thing!) - I went on Sunday too!

I am at the two week point of doing some serious barre work.  I am noticing a lot of changes.  My legs (which were pretty strong in the first place are even stronger) & my core is getting more stable. When I was playing fetch with my dog tonight, I noticed how much stronger my arms were and how much further I could throw (yes, there is burnout arm work too!).  I can't wait to see what two more weeks (or more) of intensive practice brings! I was so happy that my friend Elaine joined me on Sunday (and more this week!) and another friend Ampy is joining me on Thursday!  Yay!!  Frunners make everything better (or at least make you feel as though you aren't suffering alone).

I started a new furniture project....(ok....maybe 2)

This hot mess I picked up from some one in Grand Prairie.  It has good bones.  I am also trying to fix my first epic disaster so that I can have some office storage.

What does this week hold?

Monday - Barre @ lunch
Tuesday - Barre @ Lifetime + 3.1 miles
Wednesday - Barre & 6.2 miles
Thursday - Barre
Friday - REST!
Saturday - Fairview Half Marathon & a 100 yd dash for Louis
Sunday - Moms Run This Town 5k/1mile Bunny Hop (Kid's Run)!

Finish at least one of the two furniture projects, which are currently in this state:

Watch Louis crush the two fun runs he has this weekend.

I am sooooo looking forward to the Fairview half this weekend.

a) there are going to be a TON of my MRTT friends representin'

b) snowcones

c) the seriously awesome hardware!

 last year's medal
this year's medal!

How will you be crushing your goals this week?

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  1. Great job on those goals last week....and all that Barre!!! You''ll do great this week too! Good luck at your half this weekend...the medal is awesome!