Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Five - Favorite Things

It just dawned on me that it's Friday!

The day we wait the entire week for totally snuck up on me!

This week I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite running/workout things with you.


Normally, number one in my heart would be all of my Lululemon outfits, but I realize no one is interested in seeing my closet! :) So let's go with....

Runkeeper.  I've tracked nearly 5 years worth of miles on this ap.  I love how it tells me when I've exceeded a goal or broke a record for a certain distance, pace, etc.  It helps me keep track of those 1,540 miles I'm trying to run this year.

This book.

I bought it last year and kind of skimmed through it when I was searching for a marathon training plan, but I read most of it in its entirety on the way back from MN.  I passed it up last year in lieu of working with a running coach.  That went ok and I made some progress on ticking some time off my PR, but the "run less" (so I can go to Pure Barre more) part really hooked me.  Reading the book not only made perfect sense, but it seemed perfectly smart as well; doing just three quality, key runs in addition to feeding my Pure Barre obsession.


The perfect hydration for the hot summer runs.

Nuun is packed with electrolytes, light flavor, no sugar or carbs, and portable, Nuun Active Hydration is the perfect sports drink.  The electrolytes found in Nuun will help alleviate cramps, help muscle function, communicate and burn energy efficienty (

I trained for the Nike Women's Marathon last year using only Nuun and water as hydration.  No gatorade or power aide.  I felt SO much better.  Most sports drinks are filled with sugar, but Nuun is not.  I also like the bit of carbonation that it offers.

My new shoes!  Finally...back in the Newtons.  They seriously make me faster.  I'm not sure if it is the light weight or the addition of the lugs, but my pace is back in the 9's (where it should be!).  I took a brief uncoupling with them last year and replaced them with Adidas Boost (which I also really liked), but still feel "faster" in the Newtons.  I love 'em!


My trusty sidekick - my fuel belt.

This baby has seen me through every marathon and half marathons that I've done (you can definitely tell my how this looks).  While it may look super nerdy (like a fanny pack), it has enough room for a 20 oz water bottle, several gel packets or applesauces, snacks in the zippered part, lip balm, a latch for my car key and a spot for my phone/music.  So I'm a little high maintenance, but I certainly have everything I need (a girl needs her snacks!)!  I am thinking about getting a vest to use on occasion (some of the higher profile marathons won't allow hydration vest/backpacks).  It would definitely be helpful for trail runs, when your out in the middle of nowhere with aid stations several miles apart, but it would mean ending pink's streak.

What is YOUR Friday favorite?


  1. I have to try that Nuun! What kind of gels and snacks to you eat to keep energized? Now that I'm building my distance, I need some! I've only tried one kind; there's so many options out there! Any suggestions (other than cupcakes!)?

  2. I love Nuun! There are so many great flavors now too. I often drink it the night before a race as I've had some dehydration issues in the past. I usually only take "snacks" if I'm running long (20+). For the half, I usually take one GU gel. They are good, but mess my belly up something fierce. Sometimes I take Reese's Pieces (some sugar with a little protein) or PB crackers. I've also taken things like dried apricots and suckers (for the sugar). It's kind of an experiment. I'm searching for something to use other than GU. There are some chia seed gels I'd like to try.

  3. I'll have to try the GU and hope for no stomach issues! I never thought of candy! I suppose it would just burn right off. :) Great ideas to try!

  4. Where do you put your cell phone when you run/walk/workout outdoors so you can use RunKeeper? Do you have an armband? I feel like I have too many things i.e. cell phone, the small ipod (the one that clips), and my Polar Ft4 and I like to check my phone for pace etc.

    1. Great question Paula! I put every thing in my fuel belt (#5). I seriously LOVE that thing and wear it all the time now that it is summer and HOT. In the front there is a place for my phone (one of the little pockets). I can easily take it out and put it back. I tried an arm band and it wasn't for me. I'm like you and like to see my pace and change my music too much to wear it on my arm. On the back is room for a 20-24 ounce water bottle. I travel heavy! :)

    2. Thanks Jolene! I ordered myself a fuel belt. Can't wait to use it.

    3. I should add I do use runkeeper, but bounce around between that and mapmyfitness.