Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekly Chase #11

I had a great week last week!  I hope you did too!

My adorable and super sweet son turned *8*!

We celebrated A LOT in 24 hours and he still gets a birthday sleep over with his besties.

The Minecraft cupcakes my friend Nicole (Jonesin' for Cupcakes) made were a *huge* HIT!  Everyone loved the Creeper!

My parents also came to surprise Louis for his was pretty awesome and he was quite shocked.  Because of our surprise trip up the week before last, we've been able to see them twice within the past 10 days.  That doesn't happen very often.

Our HUGE family got together to celebrated for dinner on Saturday night (Louis' actual bday).  Despite the bad service we got at the restaurant, we had a really nice time spending time together.

My running kind of took a back seat to more important things last week; Louis' bday of course and end of term projects for my LAST "core" (aka busy work) class and am moving on to the specialization courses (the good, but much more difficult stuff).  I am looking forward to the change of pace and the huge challenges, but am enjoying my two week break first!  Fourteen days of blissful evenings of NO writing! Woohoo!

So, last week in workouts looked like this:

Monday - Barre

Tuesday - Barre and a great 5k run with Lifetime run & my friend Letty.

Wednesday - 5 miles at lunch at a 9:09 pace (I was kind of stoked about that) + a mile with Louis (which was his FASTEST to date!)

Thursday - Barre

Friday - Barre

Saturday - Chill of the Grill 5k (PR!! - more on that later this week) & Barre

Sunday - Barre

Total mileage ended up being 12.3 instead of the 15 I had planned for, but I'm OK with that!  I got to go to barre 6 times this week. Yay!

This week?

Monday - Barre + 1 mile with Louis, 1-2 on my own

Tuesday - Barre + 3-4 miles, 1 mile with Louis

Wednesday - Social Run at Luke's Locker (3 miles?) with my BRF's from MRTT

Thursday - Barre

Friday - 1-2 miles with Louis

Saturday - Barre + 6-8 miles (I REALLY NEED A LONGER RUN)

Sunday - 4-5 miles

Total Mileage - 19-25 miles

Other goals:

Hit up the snowcone stand as many times as possible. :)

Watch my man Ryan, play for the spring championship in his men's soccer league!

Get working on some of my furniture projects again - there are several in queue.

Have a super fun long holiday weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday Louis!! I didn't realize his birthday is the day before Matt's! That'll be easy to remember. :)
    Looks like he had a great birthday! I can't believe he's 8 already... where has the time gone?!

  2. I need to try BARRE! It's been on my "to do" list for much too long...
    Have a great week!
    Karen @karenlovestorun