Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekly Chase #10

This past week was interesting to say the least!

Louis and I went on a last minute trip to see my grandpa in MN and to surprise my mom for Mother's Day!

She said she was so surprised she could have fainted when we walked in at 10pm Wednesday night.  A super fun surprise!

We enjoyed the cool temps in MN, but it rained almost every day.  Needless to say, the air was a bit stifling when we stepped outside at DFW.

Something pretty out of an angry sky!

We had several great visits with my sweet grandpa and were able to see some of our friends.  

These two have been friends since birth.  They seem to pick right up where they left off the last time.  They are such great friends!  Kennedy's mom and I were friends when we were young and our moms are friends - generations of great friends - we have so many laughs when we are together!

So last week's workouts looked like this:

Monday - 4.27 mile run in 40 minutes.

Tuesday - Barre for lunch, Core and Tabata for dinner followed by 4-5 miles - I did barre & Core, but passed on Tabata.  I was so sore the last time I did this, I was pretty much worthless the next 3 days.  I decided a run would bode much better for me, so I go in 3 miles with the Lifetime Run Club.

Wednesday - Barre - I skipped out on this due to frantic last minute packing - which was basically like a workout!

Thursday - 6 miles - 4 miles in great cool weather!

Friday - 3-5 miles - skipped...I felt kind of guilty about that one

Saturday - 4-6 miles - 8.3 miles + 1 mile of walking.  I finally hit 500 miles for the year!

Sunday - rest - half of the day was spent travelling.  We walked in our house around 2 was a long day.

This week looks a little like this:

Monday - Barre

Tuesday - Barre + 3-4 miles

Wednesday - 6-8 miles

Thursday - Barre

Friday - Barre

Saturday - Louis' Birthday (although I don't get to see him until 3pm) Barre + an undecided 5k - there are too many to pick from!

No more 7 1/2....this boy will be *8*!!

Sunday - Barre + 3 miles

Weekly total:  15-18 miles

I am getting excited to kick off marathon training!  I spent the plane ride back looking at different plans and I *think* I am going with the FIRST training program (more on that plan later).  I'm still a few weeks out from the start, but just looking at the plans makes me super excited!

What are you looking forward to most this week?

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