Sunday, May 11, 2014

On being a mom

Being a mom wasn't one of the things I had on my list of goals throughout my 20s.

But, at 29 it literally just hit me one day, that I wanted to have a child.

The road to this sweet baby was not an easy one.  With a pregnancy full of all day (there was no "morning" for me) sickness and a small scare towards the end with the amount of amniotic fluid I didn't have, somehow I was given this perfectly happy, tiny, adorable baby boy!

Incredibly blessed that God gave me with this wonderful little person.

I couldn't have asked for a better son.  It's just not possible.

Watching him learn and grow; becoming his own little person is just amazing to me!

I remember siting at the dinner table one Mother's Day quite awhile ago and telling my family I never wanted any kids, just dogs.

My mom told me, "well then you'll never have a Mother's Day".  At the time it didn't strike me as being something I would miss out on, but she was right - now I can't imagine my life without being a mom.

Being a mom has made me a more patient person and definitely more silly!  It has allowed my heart to grow in ways that were once unimaginable to me.  Those little souls truly are hearts outside of our own bodies.  It has made me an all around better person (in my eyes).

I was glancing through some pictures of when I was born the other day.

It was fun looking at the comparisons of when my mom had me and when I had Louis.

We were both almost the same age when we became moms.

While things were a lot different back in the 70s, the love was still the same.

My own mom should be pictured behind the meaning of "mother" in the Webster's dictionary.

She is the epitome of what a mom should be:

She was always there for our important moments, whether they be good or bad.

The best cook/baker there ever was.

She managed to be a great mom while keeping our home neat as a pin & always having time to have fun with us too.

One of my favorite memories of her is when she would read to me in bed every night before I went to sleep.  It's something I do with my son now.  I know this was something that helped instill my love of reading.

But I've also learned a couple other things that are a bit opposite of how she did them.

Having an organized mess of a house is ok!  The chores will still be there when Louis is asleep or at his dad's.

Failed attempts at some meals can often lead to good laughs down the road.  I'm always sure I have a back up.

Not every mom is perfect.  We all have our flaws.  Most of us at one point or another throughout the day or week are definitely thinking about how we are screwing it all up, yet our kids are happy, healthy and love us to pieces.

So hats off to my mom and all my mom friends!  Fur or skin moms, you all are the best!


  1. What a sweet Mother's Day tribute! LOVE the pic of your mom, you, and Louis when he was younger!

  2. Awesome post. I particularly agree with the "I didn't lose myself, I found myself" and "Behind every great kid is a mom who thinks she's screwing it up" thoughts! I am definitely a better person because of my kids. Visiting from Moms Blogs This Town :)

    1. Thank you so much! Loved your Mom's Day post as well! MRTT rocks!