Thursday, May 8, 2014

Friday Five - Minnesota Style

Early this week I decided that my son and I would make a last minute trip to Minnesota, to my hometown.

We totally surprised my mom, who had NO idea we were coming.  I think she was pretty shocked when my son walked in with my dad around 10pm Wednesday night.  It was great!

My grandpa has been in fragile health and we almost though we would lose him by week's end, but once again, he proved everyone (including his doctor) wrong and is back at home, enjoying his surprise visitors.  I definitely felt the need to come back to have a *good* visit with him.

So here are five fun things about our trip so far.

#1 - My grandpa Louis, of course!

I could seriously think of no better person to have as a namesake for my son. 

#2 - Hurricane Lilly, my mom and dad's dog.  She is so funny!  She loves Louis and licks him to NO end!

#3 - 75 cent margaritas!  Yes.  You read that right.  75 pennies! This is *the* hang out in my hometown.

#4 - Cheese Curds - Cheese prepared in the best possible way ever.  Generally, I try to avoid fried foods, but you just can't turn down the cheese curd while in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

#5 - Cool weather running.  Thursday night's run was just gorgeous!  Peaceful.  I figured out that it 11 minutes and 40 seconds to run from one end of town to the very other end of town.  This is a *very* small town.  With today's weather looking to be around the low 60s and some sunshine (instead of rain and tornado warnings like Thursday), I am looking forward to another great run!

Have a great weekend!  I'm looking forward to sharing more about my little hometown with you!


  1. WHA?! You're in MN?! Sweetness! Welcome back!! :) What a sweet surprise for your mom, and on Mother's Day weekend! We've been unusually cold (like all winter!) and it's the perfect temp for runs yet! Have a wonderful time with your family! And Happy Mother's Day to YOU too!

    1. It was a *very* last minute trip to say the grandpa hasn't been well and was pretty much at death's door last weekend. He is doing *much* better, but I wanted to have a good visit with him before anything got worse. We'll be back later this summer and I hope to see you then. Thanks!! Happy fur mom's day to you too!

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  3. Glad your grandpa is doing better! Always best to spend time with family; you never know what life can throw at you!