Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekly Chase 9.0

I'm a little late with the chase this week, but better late than never, right?

It's May!

I love May for a number of reasons....Mother's Day, the official start of summer (Memorial Day Weekend) and most importantly Louis turns 8!

He had a big week last week...mostly tooth related (weird, I know!).  He went to the dentist and was a total rock star and then he lost another tooth!

We celebrated by going to the pirate ship for the first snowcone of the season

I can't believe this sweet boy is going to be *8* years old! I love watching him grow into his own little person.

What else went down last week?

This seemed to take forever, even though it really didn't, but this is *finally* complete!



I had to use a drill, which I was super nervous about, but I drilled everything out perfectly and I couldn't have asked for my new buffet, and home for my grandma's beautiful dishes, to turn out any better.  I love it!

I started on a new project.  Something a little more "fun" in style (I am salvaging an epic disaster basically).  Kitty decided she needed to help.

In workouts last week:

Monday – Barre + 3 evening miles - I completed the Barre part then Louis and I ran 1.6 together and I did the other .4 on my own.  Louis was exhausted ...ok not really.

(note: this is *just* for show)

Tuesday – Barre + Core + Tabata – another crazy workout day! - Barre for lunch, Core for dinner and instead of Tabata I hit up the Lifetime Fitness group run for 5 miles with my new friend, and MRTT member, Letty.  We had a great time and the miles seemed to breeze by!  When we got home, Louis and I ran another 0.65 and I finished it out to make it an even 6.

Wednesday – Barre + 6 miles - Barre + 5 miles (close, but just didn't have 6 in me) - I'm also all signed up for the Dallas Marathon in December.  I'm not sure I'll do this race again after this year.  I want to have a more positive attitude about it and I totally need to crush my last performance there.

Thursday – Barre + 3 miles - Barre + a running clinic at a local Tri Shop - it was really informative!

Friday – rest - so I *kind of* rested.  Louis and I had a great "long" (for him) run Friday night - we ran 2.55 miles!  We used a run a minute, walk a minute method (which my friend DK loves to do!) and while it was a tough run for him, he did it!  I was so proud!

Saturday – Barre + 4-6 miles - Barre + zero miles

Sunday – 4-6 miles - Barre + zero miles

Obviously, it was a little low in mileage (16.1 miles) and huge on barre classes (6).  I am still taking it easy mileage wise because I know marathon training will be here before I know it (July).  I am taking advantage of this *break* I have for as long as I can, while loading up on barre and getting SO much stronger.

I have been doing Pure Bare for *almost* 2 months and am *really* seeing the results.  My legs are SO much stronger and everything seems tighter.  I can see my biceps again!  I went out for a run last night at a faster pace than I have run in months.  I am definitely going to keep at it steadily for the next two months and then try to keep going at least twice a week once training begins again.

This week?

I hope it looks a little like this:

Monday - well that has come and gone - I did barre and then ran 4.27 miles in 40 minutes.

My work day ended with something beautiful from a super sweet boyfriend.

Just what I needed to brighten my day after a difficult weekend.

Tuesday - otherwise known as crazy workout day!  Barre for lunch, Core and Tabata for dinner followed by 4-5 miles.

Wednesday - Barre

Thursday - 6 miles

Friday - 3-5 miles

Saturday - 4-6 miles

Sunday - rest

More miles less barre this week.  I want to get in a solid week of running before a couple of upcoming 5/10ks.

Total Mileage:  21-28

Hopefully I'll hit 500 miles for the year this week...I'm only about 14 miles away!

My running group (Moms Run This Town - MRTT) kicked off a super fun May challenge.

Meet Flat Lil Jojo!

She had all sorts of fun last week, especially helping me shop for new kicks!  I realized my Adidas Boost had nearly 500 miles on them!  Pretty amazing considering most shoes crap out around 350-400 for me.  I went back to the Newton Distance.

So here's to a great week!


  1. Busy week for you! Love the buffet, it really turned out nice! Holy cow, I can't believe Louis is going to be 8 already!! Where does the time go?!

    1. I have no seems like just yesterday he was a 6lb newborn! Crazy!

  2. Love the buffet! My husband is working on refinishing my dresser. Great job on your runs!!! You rock!

    1. Thanks Lisa!! I love how it turned out too! I am really loving painting furniture. After I get this next dressed (my 3rd) done for my office, I am going to do my kitchen table and chairs....really excited to see how that one turns out.