Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekly Chase!

In my promise to cut back on miles this week, this is what I have planned...

Monday - 10 mile interval run
Tuesday - Barre Fusion with a new MRTT friend, Elaine!
Wednesday - 8 and strength training
Thursday - Easy 8 or rest and strength train
Friday - rest
Saturday - Easy 10
Sunday - rest

Weekly total:  36

While 36 miles doesn't sound like I'm backing off, there are 2 easy runs in there.  Easy runs are, well, EASY!  They are effortless.  I plan to do the 10 miler with my MRTT frunners, so they are guaranteed to be fun and easy (and may or may not include cupcakes muffins with frosting at the end).

So what is barre fusion?

Spark people writer and barre instructor, Andrea Rogers, states that while all barre workouts differ slightly in structure, most methods incorporate exercises done at a ballet barre combined with the elements of ballet, Pilates, and yoga.  Barre exercises rely mainly upon one's own body weight for resistance, and the moves challenge core stability and balance.  Barre workouts are designed to help an individual achieve a "dancer's body" - strong, sleek, and streamlined. Typically, classes are just under an hour long and include a 5-10 minute warm up, 10-15 minutes of light weights (upper body), 20-30 minutes of barre exercises (mostly lower body), 10 minutes of floor work that includes abdominal and lower body exercises.  Most classes end with a cool down and final stretches (Spark People, 2014).

Barre isn't that fancy that it has to be done in a studio.  Your "barre" can be as simple as the back of a chair. I found several interesting sounding workouts of Pinterest.

Unfortunately, no tutu's are required.

What is your goal this week?

What is your favorite "out of the box" fitness class?


  1. Wow you do as many miles in a week as I do in a full month. Way to go!!!! Truly inspired! !

  2. What an awesome week of runs and workouts! I've always wanted to try a Barre class...I never thought about just using the back of a chair!!! :-)

  3. Thanks ladies!! will get there...we all have to start somewhere. When I first started running, I couldn't run around the block straight without walking breaks. A 5k was my "marathon" of sorts. It's certainly a great place to start!

    I hadn't really thought of that either Mindy....I've seen some barre workout DVD's and kind of wondered how they did that at home with the barre. In fact, I'm not sure there is even an actually "barre" in the studio at my gym. It should be interesting!

  4. I made cupcakes today before my grand kids came over. My grand son left a lot of muffins for me. LOL

    Living where I live, we don't get many popular classes out here. I do Zumba or kickboxing sometimes but I mostly work out at home by myself.