Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekly Chase!

I am kind of in the “limbo” period of training.  Nothing HUGE coming up, but a few half marathons that I want to do really well at, especially the Rock and Roll Dallas, which will be my 5th in a row. 

Their first half in Dallas was my first half marathon ever.  This has always been a special race to me.  I have been trying to pull off a sub two hour road race half for a little over a year and have come *so* close, and this year is my year to do it (I hope!). 
So in preparation, I have been following a runkeeper sub 2 training plan
AND doing a lot of core and strength training. 

This week’s plan is:
Monday: rest day with strength work at home
Tuesday: rest day with strength/core work at home
Wednesday:  11 miles, interval workout
Thursday:  6 miles easy, strength work
Friday:  rest
Saturday: Leaping Leprechauns 15k (my first 15k!)
Sunday:  8 miles, 5 of speed work
Weekly total: 34 miles

Other goals:
Continue to increase protein intake
Try to blog more regularly (at *least* twice a week)
Stay on top of strength training
New quarter starting in my NP program - stay ahead of the game
Meet up with my MRTT frunners for more group runs

Confucius is one smart cookie...

What is/are your goal(s) this week?


  1. I also need to get my protein intake up. I love strength training and have trouble keeping up on my runs.

  2. That protein intake thing is *definitely* a work in's really hard to get enough in every day.