Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Expo

This has always been one of my *favorite* expos!

It was my very first "big time" expo back in 2010.

I am, as always, amazed at how much my son has grown!

 2010 (that boy cracks. me. up.)

Louis wanted to ride the train downtown, and who was I to argue...no parking fees, no parking problems and he got to ride the train.

Brooks, as always, had a huge set up.

Happy Island was their theme...Louis and I were both issued our "passport".

There were three areas to stamp our passports and they were all super fun (at least the two we did....the gait analysis line was L O N G).  The more stamps, the better the prizes!

We played a race up the volcano game, which of course Louis won and then he rode a shoe (like a mechanical bull)! We laughed....a lot.

We spent nearly two hours perusing all of the booths picking up free swag & playing games.

Louis scored a new pair of shades and we both made out like bandits with all of the prizes & the couple of items I had purchased.

We signed up for an autographed Dallas Stars hockey stick & Louis scored an autographed puck (I think it's because he is such a sweet boy)! Lucky!

We both played a WII bobsledding game & this time this mama won....

This was my prize!

I thought I had myself a new pj shirt....instead I got a tent.  3XL?  Really? We all got some good laughs out of it that is for certain!

I picked up my *legacy* gift, which I thought was totally awesome.  I have ran every year since the inaugural race back in 2010.  I almost missed 2011, but looking back, I'm glad I didn't bow out of that one (even though I had bronchitis).

Before we headed out, we stopped to see Deena Kastor, bronze medalist in the marathon and co-star of "Spirit of the Marathon".  She was adorable and we both thought it was cool to see a real "celebrity".

Have you ever met a running "celeb"?

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  1. Rock and ROll Expos are a blast and you really hauled in the swag! So exciting you met Deena Castor. I love meeting anyone who was a superstar runner, and Joan Benoit Samuelson was so gracious when I met her at the WDW Marathon meetup in 2013. We even established that I went to college with her brother back in 1973-5!