Sunday, March 9, 2014

More is Not Always More

I had an *epic* revelation this week. 

After a disappointing performance at the 15k I participated in on Saturday, I have decided that I need to cut back on my miles for a few weeks.  For the past 6 months, I have been cranking out between 120-180 miles a month (maybe this is a little out of control?).  I’ve been nailing my speed workouts for the most part, yet fell apart on Saturday.  I think my legs might need a break.  While I’m not going to cut out running totally, I am definitely going to back off for the next few months and focus on gaining more strength & try some new things.

Here’s how this week went down.

Monday: rest day with strength work at home – check!
Tuesday: rest day with strength/core work at home – check!
Wednesday:  11 miles, interval workout – nailed it
Thursday:  6 miles easy, strength work – changed it up to an 8 mile speed work out
Friday:  rest
Saturday: Leaping Leprechauns 15k (my first 15k!) – can I get a do over?
Sunday:  8 miles, 5 of speed work – 2 mile walk with my sidekick Roscoe

Total running miles: 28.35 – probably one of my lowest weekly mileage totals in months

Leaping Leprechauns

On Saturday, my frunner Luisa and I ran a local 15k.  I have done several races that this race director puts on and they are always well organized and hilly challenging.  This is the kind of race you can show up to 5 minutes before gun time; where you can park across the street from the start.  Love that.  This was also my first 15k! 

I rocked the first mile out (9:01) and felt really comfortable, even with the hills, but soon everything went downhill.  The humidity that morning was nearly 100% as there was rain coming in.  I didn’t think it would be a problem because of how cool (50 degrees) it was out.  Well, it was.  I guess I should be happy with my time (1:35) because of all of the walking that I had to do in order to catch my breath, but I’m still frustrated and want a do over!

Luisa *rocked* her race.  She ran the hills strong and finished 3rd in her division.

Luckily, I have a *few* races coming up where I hope to redeem myself. 

Today I took a rest day and went for a walk instead of pounding out more miles.  My IT band has been letting me know it’s there and getting fussy...more validation that I better back off a bit.  Even though every run I do means something (vs. just running to run and get in miles), I need to back off a bit.  I have been in “training” mode since last June and haven’t let up a bit.  Bottom line…more is not always more.

What’s coming up?

Dallas Rock and Roll half marathon (my 5th in a row!) – March 23
El Chupacabra 10k (evening trail run) - April 12

What’s your next race?


  1. You are amazing! I can't imagine why you are tired -- just reading those workouts makes me tired! I'm so proud of you! DK and I were talking today about how we want to be fast like you! :-)

  2. You still got out there and did it, that's what matters the most! You deserve a little rest every now and then. :-)