Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week in Review

Thankfully, this past week went by quite fast.

I am *SO* looking forward to tomorrow, when this boy gets to come back home!

I can’t wait until he gets home from school and we can spend some long awaited QT together. 

What I did last week:

I followed through and cut back on miles (yay!) & I went to not one, but two, barre classes.  One much different than the other (that story is for another post).

Monday - 10 mile interval run – check!
Tuesday - Barre Fusion with a new MRTT friend, Elaine! – yep!
Wednesday - 8 and strength training – check!
Thursday - Easy 8 or rest and strength train – 2 mile walk
Friday – rest - check
Saturday - Easy 10 – swamp air and all, done and done
Sunday – rest – another barre class
Weekly total:  36 28

Best run of the week:

My Moms Run This Town group met up for a Saturday morning run.  The air was damp and swampy, but we had a *huge* turnout!  Biggest group run yet!  I am so happy for our awesome group.  We keep getting more and more *awesome* mother runners.  I ran six miles with the girls, powered up with one of Nicole’s delicious banana cupcakes (that counts as a muffin as there is technically a fruit in it, right?), then went to my gym and cranked out four more miles PLUS a strength workout. 

I *LoVe* these ladies!!

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