Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I did some really cool things this weekend....and some uncool as well.

Let's start with the fun stuff.

I've been wanting to try CrossFit for a L ON G BRF (best running friend) Seallie bought a groupon and her husband couldn't use it due to an injury so she graciously offered it to me.  Saturday we went for "Basics" to learn about the fresh hell great workouts we would soon be partaking in.  It was intimidating, but interesting. I've got a LOT of things I need to look good at this summer! I really think that after our 10 sessions there we are going to be 2 super fit chicks!

 My & My BRF Seallie....she is *adorable*!!

After CrossFit, I fulfilled one of my dreams...I officially became a SPCA volunteer.  I love animals! I have rescued 3 dogs and a kitten from various animal rescue.  One of them came from that organization.  I also felt like I needed to give back for a very special act they did for me.

Two years ago my aging black lab, Kirby, ran away in the middle of the summer.  Btw…it's hotter than an oven in the summer in Texas.  He had always been an escape artist, but this time he blew by a fence gate that had been possibly broken down.  He was gone for nearly 2 weeks.  I was miserable knowing he was out there, somewhere, hot and probably hungry.  Somehow, someway, the SPCA found him and returned him to me.  I feel liked owe them.  For the animals I've gotten through rescue and for returning my beloved dog, this is the very least I can do.

The Amazing Kirby T. Ferguson (post-rescue) and his 10 ft long tongue.
Sadly, Kirby went to the Rainbow Bridge about 6 weeks ago.

Volunteering involves 10 hours on basic duties such as laundry and dish washing, along with other assorted task, and then the cool stuff begins! After putting in the 10 hours as an Animal Ambassador, you become an Animal Handler and so on. You can work your way up to various levels of volunteerism at the SPCA.  It is a wonderful organization.  I am proud to be volunteering there.

I rounded out Saturday night by going for a run.  My go-to 6.5.  It was pretty hold and humid, but I was surrounded by hundreds of beautiful fireflies in the wooded/brushy areas.  It was breath taking!

Then, my night went south.  While daydreaming and thinking about how this might be one of my last outside runs for a while (did I mention the Tx heat?), I tripped on the lip of a side walk and did this:

Pretty sure I skidded a foot on the sidewalk.  Sorry for the graphics.  I like to warn my fellow runners and give sage advice, such as:

don't drag your feet when you run.

So Sunday was all about laying low and pain control.

Big things on the agenda for Monday! Stay tuned!

Have you ever volunteered? If so where?

Crossfit. Yay or nay? Experiences please!

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