Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Start of a New Season

June brings a new season....summer, but for me it marks another point of the year....training season!

Marathon training started yesterday!  I always feel like this day is a bit of a holiday (at least for me it is), as it starts a momentous journey. 

I have some big goals for the fall.

To break 2 hours in an outdoor half – I’ve done it on the treadmill a couple of times & have come really close outside.  The only outdoor half I have on my schedule so far is the hilly Showdown Half.  My best time there is 2:09. 
To get closer to the 4 hour mark in a marathon.  I’m not sure if this will happen in SanFrancisco, but I think it could at the NYE Marathon in Allen.
To complete an ultra marathon. The Rocky Racoon 50k in Huntsville in on my radar.  I have no time goal on this one, only to finish.

I have also done something REALLY different this year.  I hired a coach.  One of the fabulous ladies in the Mom’s Run This Town group I belong to, recommended her coach. He helped her meet her goals in the half marathon and triathlon events.  While it sounds really fancy and expensive, it really isn’t!  Having a custom made training plan and help in transitioning to mid-foot running has already reaped benefits.  In the past I’ve used training plans from various sources; Jeff Galloway, Hal Higdon, Runkeeper and even writing my own from a combination of plans.

So Week 1 Training looks like this:

Monday – 5 miles – Tempo Run

Tuesday – Tabata & Core

Wednesday – 5 miles of Intervals & Speedwork

Thursday – 4-5 mile Recovery Run, focusing on technique

Friday - Rest

Saturday – Total Body Conditioning & 6-8 mile Long Run with 2-3 miles at race pace

Sunday – Rest

Have you ever used a coach?

What kinds of training plans have you used in the past?


  1. You have some great goals- best of luck on the start of a new training season!

  2. Thanks for making The Showdown Half and New Years Double part of your fall racing calendar. I really hope you hit all your goals! -- Libby Jones, The Active Joe, Race Director