Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Today is the day we celebrate one of the first people we often love the most….our dads.

There are good dads, there are not so good dads and then there are dads like mine….awesome dads.

My dad is the one on who can fix anything.  When I was young he had his own auto mechanic shop.  One Christmas he gave his customers a coffee mug that said “we fix everything but broken hearts”.  This prophecy could not ring any truer.   My dad is that McGyver type dad…the one who can rig up anything from 2 or 3 common house hold items.  A fine example: the first vehicle I was allowed to drive ran on propane* (which was MUCH less expensive than gas at the time).  He rigged that truck up to run on both types of gas.  Who knows how to do that?! (yet I still managed to run out of gas once or twice)  

*Disclaimer: said propane gas tank was NOT composed of 2-3 common household items.  Do not try this at home. 

My dad is the one who after working 9-10 hours a day 6 days a week, took his one day off to spend with his family.  In the summer that meant hauling us to the lake every weekend to swim or fish - sledding or ice fishing in the winter.  We had a family vacation every summer that I can remember because his parents didn’t take him and his brothers and sisters on vacation.  Even if they were just up to the lake or the city for the weekend, there was ALWAYS a vacation and they were ALWAYS fun.  Several times he packed me, my mom and sister up in the car and drove 20+ hours to northwestern Montana.  Now THAT’S a road trip - ones that had so many memories along the way.  

 I can rock the fro.
Apparently it scared my little sister.

In a pinch?  Call dad....he knows what to do.

Car troubles?  Call dad...he'll make sure the auto mechanic doesn't screw you over for hundreds more than what it REALLY cost to fix.

I should also mentioned that he has had Type 1 (juvenile onset) diabetes for decades.  Diabetes might be a big part of his life, but it has not taken over his life, like so many others that I have seen.  Nope.  Life throws you lemons; you make lemonade.  You deal with it and move on. 
My dad is the one who was promoted to being a Papa 7 years ago.  He is worshiped and adored by his grandson.  Whatever Papa says or does is like gospel.  There are countdowns to when Papa (and Gigi too!) are coming or when we are going there.  I’m sure Louis is counting the days to when he can hunt with his Papa.  I am asked when this will happen several times a year.  He is also a Papa to a very special little girl who isn’t his biological granddaughter…one that never got to know her mom’s dad (who was a lot like my own dad).  Louis is so lucky to have such a great father figure in his life.

My dad is patient, kind, hilarious and humble.  I don’t think he gives himself enough credit. I find myself blessed to have such a fantastic dad!

My parents first trip to NYC - to see my finish my second NYC marathon.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  You’re the best!

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