Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Catching Up

It’s been a few days since I post so we need to catch up!

Over the weekend so much fun stuff happened!

I met this handsome stranger (at that time) two years ago this past Friday, so we went out to celebrate the *best* first date ever!

 This was on our second date.

We had dinner at Del Frisco’s in Addison.  It was delicious!  While the steaks were really great, my favorite was the lobster mac and cheese.  It was to. die. for.  If you ever eat there, you MUST get it.  Dessert was also one of my favorite dishes of the night.  Two kinds of chocolate mousse - it was SO good!

Saturday we celebrated Louis’ 7th birthday with his friends!  His birthday was a few weeks ago, but this seemed like a good day to celebrate.  Those 7 year olds have A LOT of energy. It was a super fun success!

These adorable kiddos *rocked* the rock climbing.  Sweet little Kira (on the right) schooled the boys in how to do it up right.  She made it to the top of the wall 4 times!

One must always blow out their birthday candles with this much gusto!

P.S. Those cupcakes were pretty yummy!  They were orange flavored, with a cream cheese/orange flavored frosting (don't let the blue color fool you).  The recipe is super easy and they taste like an orange dreamscicle.  Just don't make the mistake I did when I made them the first time....it says to add 1/4 cup of OJ in place of the water. So that's all I added (the first time) and they turned out looking very weird and sunken in the middle.  Turns out, you need to add the REST of the water directed on the box of cake (in this case was one cup).  I changed it up a bit and used 1/2 c of OJ (Simply Orange) and 3/4 c water.  They turned out perfect and fluffy.  

The details to their awesomeness can be found here....http://thecakeblog.com/2013/05/recipe-creamsicle-cupcakes.html


  1. Super cute family you have there! Happy first date anniversary! That sounds like a fun day to celebrate! :-)

  2. Thanks!! I like celebrating that one. Last year we went to the place we went on our first date, :) it was fun!