Monday, June 3, 2013

Marathon Monday

The wait is over (at least for me it is!).

I exuberantly signed up for marathon #7 today.

It is one that I have had on my running wish list for a while….

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco!

 I’ve heard Nike runs a great race.  Very *woman* focused, hence the title. 

I am not only excited to run in the streets of San Francisco, but I am equally happy about the finishers *medal*.  A Tiffany necklace.  Who doesn’t love Tiffany?!?!  They make all things shiny, sparkly and beautiful.  

This race has a few methods of entry: Team in Training Fundraisers, Lottery Entrants and College Entry.

Being a college girl still has its benefits!  I was able to gain entry by being a grad student.  Easy Peasy!  I don't do lotteries well.  I've had good luck, but waiting is not my strong suit.

This will also complete a geographical goal.  To run a marathon on each coast, the north and the south.

So my marathons for the year are set! San Fran in October and a local marathon...the New Year's Double on December 31.   The NYD also offer an amazing bling and a really fun race!  I did the half last year in the worst weather conditions I've ever raced in. This year *has* to be much sunnier.  I know it!

What marathons are you running in this year?


  1. I'll be doing the New Years Eve race so I'll see you there with sunny weather.

  2. Yay! Are you planning on the full? Maybe I can get fast enough to keep up with you! :)