Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Learning To Run Again

This week I started a new running adventure.  I’m learning how to run again.

It seemed like the perfect time, coming off of my klutz injury and all.

I am was a *serious* heel striker.  I am trying to change that.

The proof is in the shoes! This is a retired pair, but you get the drift. 

It's also pretty obvious I am a big time pronator.  I'm working hard to fix both of these things.

Heel striking can cause a runner to use up a lot of energy.  Striking on the mid-foot is a much more efficient way to run; it prevents injuries and is easier on the knees.  It can also improve time drastically (at least that’s what I’m reading!). 

If you watch the elite runners, you will see that this is how they run.

I saw a video of myself running and I pretty much roll off the entire shoe.  Something needed to give.  My times are in a rut.  I want to get better. 

So I’m starting from scratch.

I am trying to incorporate the techniques used in POSE running.  

This book is really great – it explains the science behind running as if you are falling forward.  It helps you run faster.  There is much more to this technique than I can possible sum up in a blog post, but what I can tell you is that it offers up some really great form pointers. 

SO…I have been incorporating the mid-foot strike into my runs.  I am used to cranking out 20-25 miles a week in my “off-season” – running 6-8 miles at a time.  Now I’m doing 2-3 milers, not because I want to, but because it’s all I can do.  It is killer on the calves…mine are screaming after a half mile or so, but I think I am starting to get the hang of it…kind of. 

I met up with the fabulous ladies last nightt from the Allen chapter of Moms Run This Town (MRTT) for hill repeats.

Yes.  I sought out a hill to run.  I have run hills before, but this was my first real “hill workout”.  Hills are no joke, and I know I need to get better at them to crush it in San Fran this fall.  I would have never done this type of workout on my own.  It is so much better to have others to suffer along with you! Seriously, it was a fun time!  

I'm still not sure of this, but it sure can't hurt! 

So using my new mid-foot striking technique, I clocked myself at a 7:07 min/mile pace.  So it was flying downhill, and it was only for a few moments, but I have never run that fast before. 

I foresee some good things happening with all of these new changes!

Are you a heel striker or a mid-foot striker?

Do you regularly run hills?

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