Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favorites - Louis' First 5k

This week, my Friday Favorite isn’t about food, it’s about my amazing little boy Louis!  He’s spending some time at his dads and has been away from home entirely way too long, so if I can’t see him or talk to him, I’ll write about him!

Louis ran his first 5k about a month ago – he’s 7.  I was 33 the first time I was able to run a 5k!

I feel the need to brag on him!

The farthest we had gone up to that point was a mile.

We ran pretty slow, but remained steady, implementing a run/walk interval. 

We saw a horribly stinky skunk along the way & took a break at the park.  It was an interesting run!

The 5k we chose was a virtual one, meaning we could do it anywhere at any time.  He admires those in the armed forces (aka when he grows up he wants to be an “army guy”), so the Fit for Life Armed Forces run seemed like a good fit.
Did I mention how awesome I think this spectacular little boy is?  

I am so proud of him and so happy I’m rubbing off on him in a good way.  He is very motivated by medals (who isn’t?!).  He can’t wait to run a “big” race with mom.  

He definitely earned his medal as well as frozen yogurt treats afterwards! Even though he said while we were running he *never* wanted to do that again....he can't wait to race again!  Next up....a 4th of July 1k with his Papa & GiGi here from MN to cheer him on.

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  1. Omg ...that is beyond amazing! Good for Louis! You truly rubbed off on him in a great way! Hearing Louis run a 5k is refreshing; normally you hear about kids never getting away from the video games. Tell him Congrats...and to you too! :-)