Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Saving Tyrion Lannister - Tuesday

While we didn't hear from Tyrion's resident veterinarian by phone today, she did send us a picture and a note this morning...

"Tyrion is looking a bit better this morning.  He licked a little bit of his food overnight.

He will have to have another blood transfusion today (I will spare my readers the details of why).

Tyrion is sitting up and looking around a little, which he has not done in a few days.  He definitely has more energy! One baby step at a time!  Also, the ulcers on his tongue look much better today!"

As I mentioned earlier, Dr. Cleroux also sent a picture, he certainly had a little liveliness in his eyes, but I don't feel comfortable sharing it right now.  It kind of gives me the sads looking at it.  I just have to keep in mind that he is getting a little better every day now.  There will certainly be more set backs, I'm sure, but I still feel like the worst is behind little T.

We are *really* happy he was looking a little more alive today.  It's what Dr. Cleroux was looking for from him today.  I anticipate he will do dialysis again tomorrow and follow a more traditional three day a week schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) from now until he can receive a transplant.

Keep praying for our little lion.  The power of your prayers have proved amazing so far!

Until tomorrow...

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