Monday, May 11, 2015

Saving Tyrion Lannister - Monday

Just a quick update on how little kitty is doing today.

Ryan returned to Dallas today and we left Tyrion in the hands of the team at U Penn.

Today Tyrion had 8 hours of dialysis and tolerated it very well.  Another really good day for him. They were able to get his renal values down by 50% again today, which bodes well for him.  We are praying that he starts looking better tomorrow.  So far, he hasn't really perked up at all.

He has developed some sores in his mouth and GI tract (stomach and likely intestinal tract) that were being treated, but probably still made him feel pretty rough.  These were almost certainly caused by his high renal values.

Tyrion remains in the ICU, but we are hoping that after he gets his red blood cell levels up he can be weaned off the oxygen and be placed on a medical floor.

We also learned that all of the test that Tyrion needs to have done to clear him for transplant have been completed.  Now, we wait for results.  We've already learned he's passed one, some of the can take up to a week.  Sunny day scenario: T goes for a transplant the week of Memorial Day, BUT as we have already found out, a lot can happen between now and then.

Tomorrow will be a rest day for little kitty.  I think he deserves it!

The main resident, Dr. Cleroux (spelled correctly here) on Tyrion's case was kind enough to send us a picture of him while he did dialysis today.  Like I've mentioned before, these vets are just amazing.  One example: since Tyrion's catheter is in such an unusual spot, Dr. Cleroux and Dr. Foster (one of the department heads) have taken it upon themselves to be the ONLY two people that can handle the site or the dressing around it.  Last night in the middle of the night, after being at the hospital all day, Tyrion's dressing became soiled.  Dr. Cleroux got up, came into the hospital and changed the dressing herself in order to prevent any infection in the site.  I've said it once and I'll say it again, I cannot even comprehend the dedication that these veterinarians have to seeing their patients through to health.

I'll leave you with the picture we were sent today.  If you look closely, past all of the machines and tubes and blankets, you'll see Tyrion all tucked in, warm and cozy.  What I wouldn't give to cuddle that little kitty right now.

Want to help Tyrion Lannister on his journey to a transplant?


  1. Oh, the little guy...buried in so many tubes and blankets! Still makes me tear up seeing the photo of him. He's in such good hands... those doctors sound like angels! That's really amazing that he can have a transplant by Memorial Day weekend! I'm so happy to hear that he's cleared a couple of tests so far...really rootin' for this little guy! I am going to have to meet this little miracle one day!!

    1. This was definitely one of the easier pictures to look at and SO nice of Dr. Cleroux to send one to us. She knows we miss him. The transplant will "maybe" happen the week of the actual Memorial Day holiday (that Monday) as they already have 2 transplant on the books and they only like to do one at a time (these cats require a lot of care afterwards). Still, this is much sooner than I anticipated, and we certainly aren't holding them to that pending other things that come up. The doctors there ARE angels. We have some great vets here, but I have never know vets that have been *this* committed to the profession; it is just incredicle. I keep wondering when they sleep!! I hope you get to meet little Tyrion some day too! He's a charmer. Everyone that meets him, loves him.