Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Saving Tyrion Lannister - It's A Go

Barring any further complications today, with the last cross match tomorrow morning or with the donor cat, Tyrion is a go for his transplant tomorrow.

This news came with a hour long conversation with Dr. Aronson, (the best and most experienced feline kidney transplanter in the U.S. and quite possibly the world) about what *could* potentially go wrong.

Besides the things I mentioned in my last post, other complications could involve technical difficulties, the immaturity of Tyrion's vessels and their ability to withstand stitching or surgical clamps, clots anywhere in his body or a brittle aorta.

All of these things are 100% unknown until the procedure is underway.  Scary stuff.

I am so nervous for this kitty and tomorrow holds for him.  I already know it is going to be a long day, but the later the phone call comes, the better.  We will know around 9/10 am CST if everything is truly a go, the first two hours will mainly be dedicated to taking care of the donor, and then Tyrion will get his chance.

It's literally another do or die day for him.

We gave him his best chance at survival and the surgical team will be doing their best to make it happen.

Here's to hoping for the best.

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