Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saving Tyrion Lannister - Saturday, May 9th

Today was another long day.  An emotional day.

Tyrion was scheduled for his dialysis catheter placement this afternoon.  We knew he was fourth in the lineup, and didn't anticipate that surgery would start until late this afternoon.  Afternoon turned into early evening and we had heard nothing.  The main veterinarian on his case finally called me around 7pm and said that surgery #3 was underway, but turned into an emergency situation and she didn't think Tyrion's procedure would start until late this evening and would likely go into the early morning hours, depending on any complications along the way.

Earlier in the day, Ryan went to the U Penn hospital to see Tyrion, which was likely, but not a certain, to be the last time he would see him.  While we continue to hold out hope, praying for a miracle and documenting one for the books, we know this procedure comes with great risk.  One of two things would be the outcome of this.

Our favorite scenario:

The catheter passes, good blood flow is achieved and he starts dialysis hours after recovery.

Our most unfavorite scenario:

The catheter does not pass, or he has wonky venous pathways, like they saw in his jugular veins.  Or the catheter does not allow for good blood flow, something essential for dialysis treatment.  At either point, we have agreed with the veterinarian, that the procedure will be aborted and Tyrion will not wake up.

This scenario is devastating to me.

I am sobbing just thinking about it.

Today when Ryan saw Tyrion, Louis and I got to talk to him over the speakerphone. We told him how much we loved and adored him over and over and over, to stay strong, that we knew he could do this; that he had to.  I apologized for all of the times I got upset that he knocked over giant glasses of water on my office chair, my computer and kitchen floor.  Those things seem like such minor incedents right now.  We miss him so much.

Even though it's only been a week since he's been hospitalized, I fully expect to see him bounding around the corner when I get ice out of the dispenser in the fridge or run the faucet (this cat has a thing for water).  The house misses him.

Loves water so much: fell in the tub.
So for today, no set backs, just pauses.  Since the procedure was delayed, I came to a conclusion with the vet, that we would hold off until tomorrow.  He is not in grave danger, he is just feeling punky.  I felt more comfortable having a surgical team that was rested, versus a team that had been on their feet in an OR all day.

So we wait.  Again.

Hopefully things will go as planned and he will be in surgery by mid-morning.  It may be a little later, but things will no doubt happen tomorrow.

We continue to pray for a miracle.

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