Monday, July 21, 2014

The Weekly Chase #19

The chase is late again...mostly due to exhaustion from a crazy, busy weekend!

Even Louis asked me today if we could stay home all day.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, most of our weekend was spent with family.  We celebrated a birthday Saturday night and Sunday, was Ryan's and my engagement party!  It was so fun to see all of our friends and family in one makes me really excited for next summer.

Ryan's mom and Grandma with Ryan, Louis and me

Back off ladies....he's mine!! 

Ryan's mom did such a great job organizing and putting everything together, not to mention the awesome food she made.  She is a *great* cook!  Sadly, Ryan's dad was unable to attend as he spent the weekend in the hospital, but he still gave us a very heartwarming and tear provoking toast via facetime.  We were all missing him yesterday.

(Ryan's dad on the mac screen)

Other than all of our social events, I spent most of my week just hanging out with Louis - so FUN!  There was a lot of lego building and "relaxing" as he likes to do.  It was the best.  We ended our week doing something we both love...hanging out at the pool - we love the waterslides at Lifetime Fitness!

My workouts were pretty few and far between.  Can you believe I didn't go to barre once last week?  Don't worry, I'm planning a binge this week.

I got in a few miles here and there for a total of 18.1 miles.  Nothing epic, that's for sure.

This week?

My aforementioned barre binge.  A barre class a day (ok...not *quite* everyday) and NO miles.

That's right.  NO MILES.

I am taking a week "off" from running because next week....marathon training begins!

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