Monday, July 14, 2014

The Weekly Chase #18

Last week turned out pretty well as far as my running goes.  I am having a hard time deciding on what plan to follow for my fall/winter marathons and I realized one of them started last week, so I just kind of went with that and will decide this week which I actually want to use.

My great week of running consisted of:

Monday - 3 miles + barre
Tuesday - 2.5 miles in 96 degree heat - 80s night with Lifetime Run! + barre

Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 3.1 miles outside
Friday - barre
Saturday - rest
Sunday - Too Hot To Handle 15k (Race Recap later this week) + barre

That's much as I love the treadmill, there was NO treadmill running again this week.  I am almost thinking I might do my *really* long runs outside again.  It was really run running around White Rock Lake again and I forgot what a nice oasis in the middle of the city it is.

So this week (potentially week two of marathon training) will consist of:

3 easy runs during the week + 9 miles this weekend

This week and last week have been so class taking up a HUGE part of my time.  I've really had to rearrange priorities.  Louis spent this past weekend back with his dad and while thinking it was a "free" weekend, it was far from it.  15+ hours of "awake" time were spent on a professional paper on asthma, something I thought would be "easy" since asthma is basically a huge part of my job.  Notsomuch.  The amount of detail and frustration were found in equal parts.  While I would have loved to run and go to barre on Saturday, I chose rest and academics instead.

This week, family comes first.  Louis is here for the entire week - YAY! - and we are trying to nail down a venue for our destination wedding.  With so many good choices, we finally made a decision, I think?

So that's the weekly chase!  Happy running!


  1. 96 degree heat... how do you do it? I think I would of passed out! 80's night looked way fun!
    Love the sunset pic... was that from Hawaii?

    1. I didn't really do the 96 degrees very well. It was pretty pathetic in fact. I gave up at 2.5 miles and walked the rest of the way. It's something you just kind of have to acclimate to.

      I didn't take the sunset picture...I kind of took it from Pinterest! lol. Supposedly, it's from Play del Carmen, Mexico.

  2. I get it about the heat...I have moved my weekday runs to half-past sunset to beat the worst of it, and my weekend runs (when I get to do them, with my crazy work schedule lately) start before dawn; so glad a friend gave me an awesome Petzl headlamp :)

    Great quote you shared about priorities - so hard to remember just who is in charge of our lives...US or THEM? Thank you for keeping it real!

  3. Ugh.. I totally feel you on the heat.. Living in FL. It has been hot and raining every afternoon, makes my runs muggy. You didn't give up, walking is still good!!!