Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekly Chase #15

Another week passed by so quickly! It’s hard to believe the 4th weeks!

We had a *great* first full week of summer vacation here! I am enjoying having my little sidekick, Louis, home with me all day. We are all enjoying sleeping in, staying up a little later and enjoying the summer evenings.

It was another busy week of grad school, running, work, life, etc.

On Monday, we took my dad out for an early Father’s Day lunch, since he and my mom would be leaving mid week to go back to MN. We tried our best at talking them into moving down here – we were all trying to be convincing! I’m not sure any progress was made there, but we sure enjoyed them being here for three weeks!

I got in a lot of great work outs! Much better than the week prior....I ended the week with almost 21 miles!

A HUGE improvement from the week before. Feeling back on track for sure.

Tuesday, I met up with the Lifetime Run group for their social run and did a solid 5+ miles with my friend Letty. This is always a fun time!

I also went cold turkey on the sugar in my diet (for the most part). I did sneak in one of Nicole’s
cupcakes on Saturday as a reward for the difficult 5k I did that morning. But, I can already report, I feel SO much better from getting all of the garbage out of my diet! I eat strawberry and spinach salad like nobody’s business and am trying to juice once a day. We have gotten some awesome watermelons that are making for some fantastic watermelon lemonade! So yummy!

Thursday was my first track workout this year. I met a few of the MRTT ladies at the local track to run some repeats.

Luisa and I don’t always do track repeats, but when we do, we like to match.

We have been known to wear the same clothes to a few events without any prior knowledge of this.

I promise, this is never planned.

We certainly like to be fashion forward with our running gear.

She gave me the most *adorable* top for helping her with her marathon plan this year! I love it!

On Saturday, I participated in the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure 5k in Plano. What an extraordinary event (race review later this week)! It was really fun and I plan on making it a yearly event.

The rest of the weekend I spent cooped up in my office, both working and studying. I am trying
my hardest not to have to do school work while on vacation, so here I sit....writing mind maps and
diagnosing things. Because I have no doubt this will pay off very soon, I’m trying not to complain too

ALL of my runs this week (5 of them!) have been outside.  I actually think I am becoming acclimated (at least as much as I can) to the heat.  

This week?

This week is whatever I can get it....

Monday and Tuesday are my last days with Louis before he goes to his dads for his extended stay, so
there will be no working out. We are going to try to pack in as much QT in these two days as we can.
Wednesday, I am meeting up with the MRTT ladies for a moonlight run! Hopefully I won’t get lost this time.

Thursday will be whatever I can get it....

My goal is to get in 3 barre classes this week.

Friday....we leave for Maui!!

All bets are off once we get there....but, I can’t wait to run on the island! I love exploring places this way and this will be no exception.

What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. Maui?! How exciting! I look forward to hearing how that trip went. I hope you have a fabulous time! Your running outfits are super cute. I don't know how you went cold turkey on most sugars in your diet, I'm not sure I could ever do that. Kudos!

  2. Thanks Heather!

    I feel so much better since I stopped eating like junk. Last night I'll admit, I *did* have a snowcone and the sugar rush felt like it was going to send me over the edge! lol.