Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekly Chase #13

Happy June!  It is almost *officially* summer!!  Yay!!  We are also officially in the month that my vacation dreams come true....Maui is now only 18 days away!!

Last week flew by and now we are only *4* days away from summer vacation.

Here's how last week went down in workouts.

Monday - Stonebridge Memorial Day 10k - more details on this later... 6.5 (yes, 6.5) miles in the rain & mud.

Tuesday - Barre

Wednesday - 5 miles & an ab workout from all the laughing I did with these lovelies

Thursday - Barre

Friday - Barre & more laughs with these beauties - a dinner full of fun and filled with race bullying!

Saturday - Barre, a new HIIT workout & 3.1 HIIT miles

Sunday - Barre & 4 late night miles - it was a hot one....definitely slowed it down.

Weekly Mileage - 18.6 - still a bit short, but it's all good!  I know there are many more miles down the road...

I am a little behind in my yearly goals miles for the month (about 75ish to be exact), but again, time will add more miles.

My parents have been in the area for 2 weeks and will be here another 10 days.  They are getting in on some of Louis' baseball action.  We are going to watch him play again tonight!  It's been great having them close...too bad they can't stay!

This week is going to bring another happy occasion!  We are getting a niece!  Finley is getting her eviction notice on Tuesday and the entire family is very excited.

Here's what this week looks like - subject to change because of Baby Butler's impending arrival:

Monday - Barre & HIIT lower body workout

Tuesday - Barre & 3 miles

Wednesday - National Running Day!  I'll be running with my BRF's from MRTT - 3 miles, HIIT workout

Thursday - Barre & 4-5 miles, HIIT workout

Friday - HITT workout

Saturday - CRAZY DAY!  MRTT event in the AM 3-5 miles, baseball game & GEORGE STRAIT!!!! This is supposedly his last concert ever.  :(

Sunday - Most likely rest

Weekly Mileage - 13-15 miles

It's looking to be a busy & fun week!

What are you doing to celebrate National Running Day?

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  1. I'm celebrating National Running Day...with a run! My last one before my 15K on Saturday! :)

    Woot woot! I hope time goes fast for your vacation to arrive! Jealous!