Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I - Inspire #sharesomething inspiring challenge

So I mentioned a little about this challenge last week in my post about what I did all day....

I wanted to recap a few more of the post for those of you who do not follow me on twitter and get back to my blogging A to Z challenge.

The #sharesomething inspiring is being sponsored by the beautiful ladies at Lorna Jane Active and Fit Approach, providing daily inspiration themselves!!

A couple of things I've realized during the challenge
A) It has been really fun!
B) I really look forward to posting the challenge every day!
C) I find inspiration in a lot of different things.

Day 1 was just to share something inspiring as the challenge describes!

I chose my lil 'I Run 4' buddy Kyan!  He is such a cutie and a source of daily inspiration no matter what I am doing!

Day 2 - something that makes you smile.

These ladies.  All the time.  My cheeks hurt from laughing so much everything I'm with them.  Our text conversations are like no others.

Something that makes me smile and laugh?


Pets in people clothing also gets me everytime.

 Like a boss.

An important moment.

My 10th marathon finish.  My first trail run.  My first time placing in my AG.  My inception into Marathon Maniacs with my dear frunner Luisa!  THIS was a really special day and an awesome trip!  Can't wait to do it again next year!

Someone I'm proud of and needs a shout dearest, oldest friend Lisa.

We have been friends since we were 16.  She ran her FIRST 15k this past weekend.  I am SO PROUD of her!!!  She has come a long way with her running in a short period of time.  She is going to crush her half this fall...I know it!

Something about my family?

My son was named after my super sweet, always positive grandpa Louis.  He is an inspiration in himself!

Something I took a chance on.

26.2 in NYC in 2010.  I was undernourished, under trained, underweight, battling depression and in a horrible relationship with a textbook narcissist.

My big dream...


My favorite teacher(s) HAVE to be all of these ladies.  They freaking ROCK!

Something about a sibling....well, that would be my sister friend Seallie, who ran the Disney Princess half marathon with me just a few days after having knee surgery.

My best friend....

just happens to be the person I live with.  We've been on *so* many adventures together in the past few years.  I kinda like him. :)

So, just a bunch of randoms today...

Share something inspiring to you with me!!

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  1. Awesomeness! I love this post! Thanks for the rockin' shout out... that was really touching to see!! Seeing you crush all your marathons and how far you've come in running, has been my inspiration to reach my own running goals! Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration and fantastic friend all these years!! :)