Monday, August 25, 2014

The Weekly Chase v24.0

This is a big week for my lil' family and many of my friends.  It's 'Back to School' for all of our kiddos.  I know my little was much more excited about this than I was.  We lucked out with another fantastic teacher this year.  Seriously, I think L's elementary has some of the BEST teachers in this city!  So there's that.

I have a hard time believing I have a 3rd grader. 

Marathon training continues to forge forward with some bumps in the road this week.  I found out mid week that my gym was closed for the week.  At least the cardio floor was.  I had to end up doing my tempo run outside after it had cooled down to 92 degrees at 9pm.  It went surprisingly well.

Yesterday was definitely the highlight of my week in running.

My MRTT chapter hosted their bi-annual virtual summer run.  This one a "summer safari".  Although it involved a 5am wake up call, it was worth it.

It was dark.

I needed 11 miles and ended up doing the half marathon distance.  It wasn't pretty, it was hot, but it was FUN.  I ran the first 6ish with cupcake baker extraordinaire Nicole, and the second half with my other running friends, Marissa and Tracy.  13.1 miles has never gone by so quickly.  I've decided I'm going to keep doing my long runs outside.  As long as I have someone to suffer with, I'll be ok.

We had a *huge* turnout!!

...and of course there were cupcakes involved.

It was back to the gym for speedwork today, which was tough after the long run yesterday.  I ended the week with a little over 22 miles.

Basically, this week looks about the same, with a 12 mile long run.  I actually can't wait to meet up again with my MRTT girls to knock this one out (even though it apparently involved hills)!

Have a great week and happy back to school!


  1. LOVE the pic of Louis! What a creative and crafty idea! That would be a great photo for a scrapbook. :) He's going to bypass you in height before you know it!

    Keep up the fantastic running!

  2. Thanks!! We did the same thing last year. It's fun to compare! I hope he keeps letting me do that until he's 18! :)