Thursday, August 28, 2014

Friday Five - Fall Schedule

I was just thinking about this week's topic yesterday.

Thinking about it a lot.  

As in . . . trying to tell myself I'm not as overextended as I was last year.  

I think I'm right!

I know I'm not the only one who is ready for fall!  Cooler weather (YAY!!!), pumpkin patches & gorgeous falling leaves . . . yes, please!

I am *so* excited as well for fall racing to get here!  I have so many races I'm super excited about . . . I just wanted to share.


First up.  The Showdown Half Marathon.

This is one of my favorite halfs of the year.  The course is great, all the other racers are just awesome and the medals are *beautiful*.  This race falls on the same day as the Red River Shootout; OU vs UT.  You have an option to "pick a side" or be team neutral.    This is a hilly, challenging course, but the vibe is so incredibly positive, it's hard not to love this race.


A *BIG* fall marathon.

I have to vagueblog, but I just can't share this one quite yet due to some unresolved logistics.  But trust me, it's a big one.  

I realized earlier this week I'm about 2 weeks behind in my training (not sure how that happened), but after a couple of really great training runs this week, I think I will be ready to kill it.
I have some BIG goals to go along with this BIG marathon and I plan to meet them all.


I've never actually done a duathalon, and I was supposed to have done this last year, but due to my overextended scheduling of my one human body, I sat this one out.  While all of my cool tri friends will be racing their ultra speedy bikes, I'll be the one on the pink bike with a basket.  

It's a run 2 mile, bike 9 mile, run 2 mile course with champagne at the end.  Everyone wins really.


Speaking of ultra, it's time that I do one.  Again, I was supposed to have crossed this one off my list last year, but sat it out.  Lucky for me, I found another one on a weekend I am free that is closer to home, meaning no travel or overnight in a bed other than my own (kind of important when you're running 31 miles).  It should be a good training run for my double marathons in December!


One of the very few reasons I signed up for this one was because of the low cost entry free because of the cancellation last year.  I ran this course in 2010 and had a great race, 2012 notsomuch.  It was actually my worst race ever.  I almost quit.  I puked several times.  I was SO mad at my craptastic time because I was running training runs that put me at a 4:20 finish.  I finished in 5:20 and some change.  Abysmal.  I am out to avenge this course.  I say this now, but I think this will be the last time I do this race for awhile...

And that's just the fall!! 

What race are you looking forward to the most this fall?  Local friends, which of these races are you doing?

Until next time....have a *great* LONG weekend!!

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  1. You are going to be one "busy" lady! I am also looking forward to fall!! Not long before I'll be camped out along the Eastern states! :) I can't believe my half is almost here as well! Time really flies!

  2. That bike is AWESOME! I love it. You'll definitely make your mark at the duathalon.

  3. I really want to do a DU this year too. I've done a bunch of tri's and don't love the swim. Good luck!
    Confessions of A Mother Runner

  4. Looks like a very busy schedule but lots of fun! Good luck!