Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Weekly Chase v 23.0

Another week has rolled around.

I hope y'all had a great weekend!  I know I did!

Lots of travel, wrapping up assignments for my class & week 3 of marathon training are all in the books.

my awesome travel companion....don't mind the nasty stains on the carpet at DFW

My running last week was a little off due to weekend travel.  I ended up scrapping/rescheduling my speed work for another week, but got in an awesome 7 mile tempo run, a 3 mile easy, social run with my girl Letty and a 10 miler on Sunday.  The last time I saw double digit miles was mid April!  It was almost kind of like running that distance for the first time all over again.  I hope 11 goes by a little better next weekend.  I was hoping to have done my long run while I was in MN, but time and the swamp humidity on Saturday didn't really call for that.  In all, I got a total of 20 miles in (hitting the 700 mile mark for the year!) and got in 4 barre classes as well.

I made a super quick trip to MN to pick up my little, who had been staying with his grandparents for a few days.

A bonus of getting to go back again?

Dinner with this girl!  My oldest (not by age-we are eternally 26, but length of friendship) friend Lisa!!  I haven't seen her in a few years, but we are the kind of friends that just pick up where we left off.  We have seen each other through A LOT!  We had a fun dinner in St. Paul before I had to drive 3 hours to SW MIN.

Saturday, Louis and I made the most of the time we had left in MN.

We went on a bike ride (and yes, the dog sat in the basket the entire ride) to see my sweet Grandpa Louis.  I am so happy I was able to see him not once, but on three separate trips in the past 3 months.

This week brings on week 4 of training.  I'm going to try and sneak in that extra speed work day, plus my usual speed, tempo and long run.  I am looking forward to my long run this weekend with my MRTT ladies!  It's our "virtual" 5k/10k/half marathon & is always super fun.  I'll be happy if I can get to barre twice this week.

We are trying to squeak out every last bit of summer vacation that we can.  Louis is ready to go back to school, but I'm not ready for him to.  Third grade is going to commence sooner than later, whether I like it or not.

And that's my weekly chase!

What are you looking forward to this week?

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  1. Glad you were able to see your grandpa one more time before heading back! :)
    Next time, I'll have to make a visit to the great state of Texas!