Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Weekly Chase v.22

Another week of marathon training in the books!

20 solid miles broken down into a long run, a tempo run and a speed work out (which I felt like I *nailed* for once!).  I also managed to get in 3 barre classes, despite being gone for most of the week.

I got my long run in on Tuesday, instead of the typical weekend, so I could take advantage of the cool MN weather!  I'm so glad I did, because a) 9 miles on the treadmill seem quite daunting right now and b) it was 100+ degrees all weekend in TX.  Plans changed for the week a little bit and I'll be able to do this weeks long run in MN too!

This was difficult to leave behind.

I spent most of this past week in MN with Louis and will return there this weekend to bring him back home.  I miss him to pieces, but get to talk to him twice a day (unlike when he is at his dads, where I am forbidden to call) and I *know* he is having a blast.  I'm also thankful that I'll get to see my sweet grandpa again!  When I left him on Wednesday, he was in the hospital.

This week brings probably the most challenging speed workout yet, a 7 mile tempo run and a 10 mile long run + 4-5 barre classes (23 classes away from 100!).

Some of my friends have inspired me to start the Whole 30 diet.  Again, not a diet, just a plan of eating fresh foods, free from preservatives and high in protein.  It's not as much of a diet, but more like a healthy way of eating (spoken like the girl who found some frozen cookie dough in the freezer this past weekend and is feeling bad about her "choices").

this week's airplane reading

Have you ever done the Whole 30 plan?  Thoughts?

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