Friday, June 17, 2016

The Friday Five - Why My Dad Is Just The Best!

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This is actually a repost from a couple of years ago, but when I came across it the other day, I thought it'd be perfect for today!

I lucked out and got one of the really good ones!!

Here's why...


No matter what, there was *always* a family vacation in the summer.  I remember my dad saying his parents always went on trips without kids & that he just wouldn't have that.  Family vacations were never fancy.  Sometimes they were just trips to the lake where my grandparents would stay for the summer.  Sometimes a trip to the "city".  Other times they were 20 hour long car rides to Northwestern Montana for all sorts of fun!  Those road trips were seriously the best.  Road trips like that don't seem to happen much anymore.


Love of the outdoors.

Not only a love, but a mutual respect. My dad not only hunts for sport, but for food.  We almost always eat what he shoots.  Pheasants, deer, geese and turkey...we ate them all (even though they were secretly passed along as chicken when we were young).  He has passed the love of hunting along to my son, who can't wait to own a gun and be able to hunt with his PaPa.


Some dads are like superheros.

They can fix everything and have a solution to any problem no matter how seemingly complex.  My dad is good like that.  They don't seem to make a lot of dads like that anymore.


He is the perfect example of how hard work and a lot of elbow grease will get you far in life.  When I was still living at home, my dad ran a successful auto repair business and worked from 8-6.  Now he has worked for the US Post Office for 20 years.  He is a great example of the work/life balance.  He works hard, but has time to play as well.  I love seeing my parents travel now, enjoying the payoff of all of those years of hard work.

my dad's first trip to NYC!

Even when I was small and my dad worked so much, he always made time for us.  Most of his days off were spent taking us to the lake in the summer, going sledding or ice fishing in the winter, letting my mom have a little break.


The awesome relationship he has with Louis.  My son *adores* my dad.  Many statements and "i told you so's' are prefaced with "well papa said....". Louis loves the quality time he gets to spend with his papa and gigi every summer.  He may be spoiled, but I know he is having experiences that most kiddos dream of.  Louis also wants to be in the air force when he *grows up*.  Just like his papa.

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