Friday, September 11, 2015

The Friday Five - Five Fall Races

Isn't it hard to believe it has been 14 years since 9/11/2002?  In my mind it seems like last year or just a few months ago, yet years have passed and it still remains so fresh in our minds.  Most of us remember the exact time and place we were when the planes hit the WTC, the moment they fell.  I've had the honor of visiting the WTC site several times and it still seems so raw.  It relieves me that my son never had to witness such horror, hopefully none of us will have to again. Somewhere I came across this amazing blogging project; one I hope to contribute to over the coming year.  I highly recommend taking a few minutes just to read about some of these amazing people who lost their lives that day.  They are just a name in granite to some, but to others, they were fantastic human beings.

A photo I took on a trip in 2012.  I've always found the rainbow kind of comforting and eerie all at the same time.
Not meaning to make this post so somber, but wanting to remember the day.

On to the...

I got a little mixed up on the Friday Five themes, apparently last week was "Fall Races".  So this week?

My Five Fall Races

It may be pumpkin spice everything season for everyone else, but for me, it is not only my favorite time of year (Thanksgiving is getting so close!), it is my most favorite time of the year to run races!

The cool(ish), crisp weather makes me so happy!  I can't wait until Saturday morning.  It will be 67 degrees when I plan to start my last longish run before race season!


40 miles.  In 9 days.  It's happening.

In my mind, I've already ran 36 (a 34 miler with a really wrong turn), so what's 4 more?! (I need to keep telling myself next Saturday around mile 30).

This is part of the Endurance Buzz Adventure's 5 series challenge.  It will likely be the most difficult I've done.  The pictures are terrifying, yet I can't wait to get out there!  I think this will be my biggest challenge yet.  I feel ready, yet I still worry about finishing within the allotted time. Being a very technical trail with some pretty massive climbs, I know it is going to be slow going with a great deal of sun exposure.  The time cut off is what scares me the most, but it is what will push me the hardest.

Apparently there are some hills or something like that.  Rusty crown?  You mean, tiara?  Sign me up!

photo cred: EBA

Palo Duro 50k

Can you believe this is in Texas?!
This race takes place in October and is in a part of Texas I've never really been to. The geography looks *amazing*.  I have a lot of friends who are also doing this race and I know it will be so fun!!


Big Cedar Endurance Run
This is on a gorgeous trail in the heart of Dallas/Ft. Worth.  I ran a timed, 3 hour,  race in the dark here earlier this summer, but have yet to actually see it in the day time.  This was supposed to have been my first ultra last year, but it was rainy and gross.  I wasn't a very experienced trail runner last year (I still have a lot to learn, really!) and I just didn't feel comfortable going on and running on a slick, technical trail in the ran.  I was really disappointed that this didn't happen and it was the second time I had signed up for an ultra where things didn't line up for one reason or another.  Distance is still an unknown (with the exception of the fact that I will NOT be doing the 100 miler).  The 50 mile (which I really want to do!) starts at 3:30 in the morning, which is no bueno for someone who goes to be around midnight.  I am torn.  This race is still a *tentative* on my schedule.


Brazos Bend

With a variety of distances (again, NOT doing the 100) and in the heart of Texas gator country, this one should be interesting and a lot of fun!

seems legit!


Isle du Bois

The last of the EBA high five series, this one is still up in the air as well.  Not due to my decision making, but due to the fact that the park where it happens was underwater for so long this spring and summer from all of the rain we received in Texas this year.  Repairs are starting to be made to the trail and the park has opened up a few routes, so hopefully it'll happen!  What I'm really looking forward to is getting my bell!  Because isn't that a good enough reason to run 130+ miles over 5 events for?  Makes perfect sense to me!

So these are the races that I'm looking forward to this fall, what's on tap for you?

Big thanks to Courtney @Eat, Pray, Run DC, Mar @ Mar on the Run and Cynthia @You Signed Up For What? for the Friday Five Link-Up!


  1. Wow, those look amazing! Especially Palo Duro! I'd go there just for the hiking! Ha ha ha
    That's a ton of mileage.... my knee hurts just thinking about it! I know you'll crush them all!!

    1. I am really excited about Palo Duro. I've never been to that part of Texas really. It looks amazing!!