Sunday, November 3, 2013

NY State of Mind

I have a lot of back tracking to do!  I’ve done 2 big races recently and haven’t even had a chance to tell you all about them.

But today, I felt compelled to tell about one of the most special races I have ever run, especially since it is the *day* of the NYC marathon (I mean it is kind of like a holiday for runners!). 

Watching it on TV was super cool!  I recognized a lot of the landmarks and neighborhoods I ran by in 2010 and 2011.  Yet it is nothing like being there.  The race atmosphere is electric.  Every race start has amazing energy, but this is something unreal.  So many people, countries, languages and stories.  The hovering helicopters make you feel like a celebrity. 

One you get to the start, a young Frank Sinatra sound alike is crooning “New York, New York”.  Everyone knows the words….even the people who don't speak English.  That bridge is upon you….one mile up, one mile down.  It’s one of the most amazing places to be.  The port authority is streaming red, white and blue water from their boats.  It is a day to be running proud. 

From Staten Island, piles of miles through the business and brownstone, tree lined streets of Brooklyn, to Queens, the Bronx and then finally into the final stretch of Manhattan.  Coming off the Queensborough bridge is like winning the super bowl….thousands of people cheering for YOU as you exit off the quiet bridge, where the only sound is your breath and footsteps.  Into Central Park where digging deep does not even describe what you have to do to get to the finish.
 A run down 1st Ave
 The peace of the Queensborough Bridge (look at that view!)
My favorite sign ever!
 I have never seen so many cups!
Almost there!

If you can’t tell, I think this marathon is nothing short of amazing. 

I've done many other marathons and this one will always be the one that holds my heart, specifically the last one in 2011.

It was my very first marathon (and was going to be my only) in 2010, but I had to go back in 2011.  I was lucky enough to hit the lotto again that year. 

2011 was a *dream*.  I have so many awesome memories of that race through the five boroughs.

My training was so much better. 

I had found a great training partner who was also running!
Running Robby!

One of the most toxic people I had known was out of my life (surprisingly NOT my ex-husband).

I was not sorely underweight (what girl says that?).

I knocked 20 minutes off my PR and course time the year before.

But most of all….

I was there with people whom I loved and cared for, my friends and family, my boyfriend Ryan.  My people. 
 My Mom & Dad
My Cheering Section!

My parents, who’d never been to NYC were finally able to see me finish a race, one of the biggest of my life!

Did I say how amazing this race was?

What has been your amazing race?

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