Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Weekly Chase v 25.0 - Blog post #100!

Fall is right around the corner (thank goodness!) and we are finally getting some cooler temps in Texas (at least that is what TV weathermen have promised!).

Marathon training is plugging along despite the fact that I miscalculated the number of weeks of my
plan and found myself 2 weeks behind. I may not be *quite* fully prepared for that first full,even
though I have some big goals for that one, but it will definitely be a good warm up for the other 5 I have planned.

Last week I managed to get in a good speed workout, 8 mile tempo run, my 15 mile long run AND a bonus easy run with my little last week. A grand total of 31 miles – a number that hasn’t been seen since early spring!

My 15 miler felt pretty good although I've had some nagging belly pain all week. I missed my long run
with my MRTT girls because of it and the long run seemed so lonely without them! I won’t let that
happen again (I hope!).

This week brings the same routine; tempo, speed and long run, but I need to get it all in before the
weekend due to an exciting commitment I have in Austin this weekend (more on that next week). I am
sad to miss out on a couple of birthday celebrations due to it, but I have wanted to do this weekend for a L O N G time and I feel lucky to have gotten in on it (I signed up months ago!)!

I’m still keeping up with my barre workouts and am now just *17* away from that 100 milestone! I feel like it compliments my running so well, especially since it is *so* low impact and offers a great deal of core strength to my run. I also love that I have some serious biceps – all thanks to just 3-5lb weighs (proof you don’t have to lift heavy to get noticeable muscle definition).

I have NO doubt about this.

I’m also baking my favorite 'Marry Me' cookies for Louis’ school for a teacher appreciation ‘milk and cookie bar’....hopefully this rascal won’t eat them all again (last time he not only ate the cookies, but the plastic bags as well!).

So that’s my week...

What are you training for right now?

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  1. So, I totally did the same thing and miscalculated my training plan!! I am a week behind. I really need to start doing barre. I did one class and liked it.

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl