Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Friday Five - Randoms

This week's topic for the Friday Five link up with the DC trifecta, Courtney @Eat, Pray, Run DC, Mar @ Mar on the Run and Cynthia @You Signed Up For What? was Race Day Rituals.  My rituals aren't really rituals, they are randoms.  I am usually the one running to the starting line before the gun because I am so unorganized and always late, so I didn't think that'd be a good topic for me to report I'm just going to give you some fun randoms from my week.


It was Ryan's (my fiancee) birthday on Monday!  He had been in Montana all weekend for a wedding so I had some time on my hands.  I was sad that I couldn't go, but I had zilch for time off left after all the traveling we did this summer, so I threw myself into a surprise birthday project for him.

He spends a lot of time in his home office, working hard, often burning the midnight oil, so I figured he deserved a much cozier space.  I really wish I had taken a before shot here, because it was sad.  Pale yellow on the walls, no decor, a pink curtain still hanging from the girl's bedroom it once was.  It got a revamp.  It turned out gorgeous. He loves it.


A mid week run/bike ride with my little love.  It kind of turned into a really fun moonlight run/ride.  I love taking him out with me.  We talk.  A lot.


This week marked the start of a new class for me.  Health Assessment.  Hold your excitement!  Only TWO classes left until I can start the *real* work....a long year of clinicals.  So, if you happen to know a physician or nurse practitioner in the DFW area who would love to precept a student, let me know!  My clinical ap is due in December....yikes!


These ladies.

I'm not sure how I would have suffered through the hot and hilly 14 mile run I did on Sunday alone.  I think we all helped each other get through that one.  It also included cupcakes (of course!) and a pet rescue.

Pet rescue: long story short - don't leave your pets locked in your car in the heat!  Cracking the window one inch and leaving a small bowl of water does little good.  Trust me, I will call the cops or break the window if it's *really* hot.  Luckily, the police and the city animal control officer showed up just in time for the owners to return to their car.  Who takes a dog to a park and leaves it in the car?!


I'm hosting my blog's first giveaway over here.  I'm giving away three boxes of the winner's choice of refueling bars.  They are *really* good.  You should definitely go enter.

So...tell me something random about your week!


  1. You painted the office!! It's looks incredible! I can see why he loved it; what a great birthday gift! :)
    Wow, 14 miles, in heat no less! Keep up the great work! You rock!
    About the pet rescue... who the hell keeps their dog in the car is right! If someone is at a park, why wouldn't they have their dog out with them? Stupid! Grrr... makes me mad when people do that; it's like our neighborhood cats. We're taking care of two "strays" that are quite obviously neglected by their own "owners" if you even want to call them that! So sad...

    1. That is what I couldn't get over! Why would you bring your dog to the park and then not walk/play? Can't fix stupid...

      Was one of those the tiger in your backyard? :)

    2. That is the one! We've been taking care of him ever since May. His coat is much healthier, and he's even put on a little healthy weight! Now we just need to find him a loving home...

  2. Something random: I've changed approximately 70 diapers this week...but I love my job!!!!

  3. Great job on your redecorating of the office. I bet he really did like it. Happy birthday to your hunny. What a great gift.