Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Weekly Chase

Even though it seems like I just started my marathon training plan, the road is coming to an end - aka the taper begins!  This year, I'm trying to go into the taper like a real person, not by running 40 miles in the preceding weeks to a full marathon!

Last week was pretty eventful...

Two new pairs of shoes.

These kicks will carry me through some BIG races.

I was given an amazing opportunity through my X-1 Audio Ambassadorship to review these!

A great speed workout and an epic 21 miler (my new distance record on the treadmill)

and sadly, another fall.

I was so excited to get my new pair of Newton's broken in, the night I went out for my tempo run, about two miles in...I flew.  Not a cool like Superman fall, a clumsy, not paying attention fly through the air and land on my face and shoulder kind of fall.  Part of the reason I love running at night is because no one is really witness to my clumsiness, but I also run the risk of tripping over things I can't see, in this case, a huge lip on the sidewalk.

I chalked that run up to a huge gain in mental toughness (which I NEED).  Instead of calling home to have Mr. Southern Fried Soul pick me up, I continued on with the rest of my run & even kept pace.  I'm still sore and beat up, but looking back and thinking it could have been MUCH, MUCH worse.

Looking forward to this week...

taking is easy and another supported half marathon training run on Saturday Morning - the Michelob Ultra 13.1 in Dallas.

I have several friends doing this one as well, so I know it will be a really fun day!

I've also heard some *great* things about this race and was thrilled when the opportunity came up for me to get an entry into it.

Race day is getting closer and closer!

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  1. I still can't get over that fall.... ouch! Is it getting any better? Hopefully you're all healed up in time for your half! Good luck! :)